Reasons why you should watch Zac Efron on Netflix “down to earth”


Zac Efron returns to Netflix with the original proposal and that shows another aspect of his life. And it is that, “With the feet on the ground,” this young man that points to a success with this series of documentaries in which members of the streaming platform will be able to “travel with him” from France, Iceland, and Costa Rica, among others, with the purpose of discovering the customs, cuisine, and ways to be more secure, or sustainable, to care for and maintain the Planet Earth.

That is why, in its premiere on July 10, I’ll tell you some reasons why you should not miss this production.

Reasons why you should see “down to earth”

This bet Netflix makes the difference within your programming, as it involves a figure that is recognized and loved by their fans, in a role very personal that you create awareness about nature and how everything that the human being does not have an impact on its deterioration. Therefore, here we give you more reasons to not miss this interesting documentary:

  • We’ll see a Zac Efron in the issue, is to take care of what they consume and how they are extracted to a large part of the food of the earth. In addition to what we will see cooking, eating, and offers advice on the care in the food, according to the culture of the place you visit.
  • This young man, famous for his participation in “High School Musical”, will be joined by Darin Olien, a specialist in the area of welfare and creator of SuperLife, together, will support all causes related to the care of the environment as a result of their many trips.
  • It will serve as a guide and source of inspiration for all those who are interested in the care of the environment, as well as the defense of the cultures of each place.
  • It will provide a healthy entertainment by showing the most beautiful landscapes, and other curiosities in addition will help to expand the knowledge of every culture from home.


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