Karanvir Bohra goes vegan for his new show


Actor Karanvir Bohra, who plays one of the leads in the new ZEE5 show ‘The Casino’, has revealed that he adopted a vegan lifestyle to be able to lose weight for the role. ‘The Casino’ is one of the most popular new shows to be launched in India recently, as it is one of the first shows ever with the central plot being around casino games for real money

Speaking about his role, Bohra said that he had to lose 11 kgs (24 pounds) to be able to play the character, as he had to play a 27-year-old on the show. This would be a challenge for him, as he is 37 years old, and thus had to portray a character a full decade younger than himself. He has said that he had to completely cut out carbs from his diet as well, in addition to going vegan, and that made a huge difference to how he looks now.

Bohra is one of the most popular Indian TV actors, having starred in some of the biggest shows in the history of Indian television. He’s also participated in dance, food and adventure-themed reality shows, and has two years of classical dance training behind him as well.

Coming to the show itself, ‘The Casino’ is an exciting, thrilling show about a power struggle for a multi-million dollar casino. Set in Nepal, the show sees Bohra’s character as the heir to the aforementioned casino, with his father, played by Sudhanshu Pandey, and his father’s mistress, played by Mandana Karimi, also having important roles in this drama. The fight to gain control over this lucrative business, with Karimi’s character trying to get ahead of Bohra, forms the central theme of the show, with ten action-packed episodes. There is murder, intrigue, mystery and thrill in this show, although the director Hardik Gujjar does a good job of straying away from the usual tropes and themes seen in crime shows on Indian TV. It is thus definitely a breath of fresh air in this genre for Indian television, especially given the casino theme as well.

Bohra’s acting has been praised by fans, with the show itself also garnering a lot of positive responses from audiences. The cast and crew have also stated that the shoot itself was one of the best they have been on, largely due to the fact that it was shot in Kathmandu in Nepal, with beautiful weather and even more beautiful views to look forward to every morning. They were also lucky, as the shoot wrapped up just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit South Asia, with the entire crew being able to return to India safely before the lockdown was imposed in the country. At the same time, they managed to complete shooting in Nepal safely as well, without being exposed to the virus. All of this allowed the producers and makers to be able to complete the post-production in time for the show to be launched while the lockdown was still ongoing and people were looking for new content. This has been one of the biggest reasons for the show’s popularity, as it has given a new type of content for the Indian audience, which is not used to having a show based on gambling or casinos on their TV screens. Thus, it has been well-received, and Bohra has also seen his stock rise in terms of audience popularity as well as critical acclaim. There are rumours of a second season for the show as well, so do not be surprised if you see him take this role up again in the near future.