I effects post trip! Hailey Baldwin could be isolated 14 days to rule out infection of the coronavirus


Hailey Baldwin came to the united States after his whirlwind trip Europe together with his friend and colleague, Bella Hadid. The model has been interpreted in the Saturday afternoon at Los Angeles airport after arriving by a private plane. He sported a black top, except the white that you used when he began in Italy, a leather jacket, black jeans, light wash and a pair of the Vans classic black and white. Her hair was collected with a pair of pliers and his face was covered with a chin strap.

Baldwin, and the Hadid launched the flight to the island of Sardinia in Italy, in the midst of a pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19). Even if, in principle, unaware of the reason for the journey, you could see that it was in the plan of work. Both have been summoned by the signature Versace for the new campaign that will be the end of this year or the beginning of 2021. This is the first campaign that is the wife of Justin Bieber for the brand.

Hailey and Bella were photographed on a yacht around Sardinia by exposing your body to the sun in a bikini attractive. According to reports, the adventure, the sea emerged after the first meeting with the producers of the photo shoot. Thereafter, he moved to Corsica, in France, to make the respective portraits of luxury with the new parts of the international firm.


It is assumed that after his return home, Baldwin must comply with the quarantine for 14 days to rule out a possible spread of the new virus. This, of course, would lead to a distance during that time, the performer of “Good”, who remained at home while women went out to work. That is what should happen, but up to now, neither the model nor her team has said anything about it.

The supermodel shared on Saturday some of the videos in their Stories Instagram cooking. She showed him her 27.5 million followers on the social network, how to make a noodle soup that is the basis of a tired journey. In a very short time went on to take along with Bieber, or a second dish for you to see that he was eating at his side. However, brought home to hang some romantic pictures of your latest adventure in Utah.