“I don’t know how I did it’: Carlos Calero Culture, and the arts


The speaker claims that it is the only one in the house that has brought covid-19.

Carlos Calero is known in colombia, television since 1998.

Carlos Calero said that he was isolated in a room in your house.


08 July 2020 , 10:05.m.

For Carlos Calero has been a positive surprise for covid-19, and followed all the protocols. “The only thing I can do is get out of my house for the study of the Snail and return”said Blue Radio.

He added that the only one infected with his family, he was the one. “We did all the test on the 29th of June last, and the results delivered on the 7th of July. Neither my wife, nor my sons have the disease”.

He added that he felt good and should be an isolation of approximately 12 days.

About why you just took, Calero said that one of the doctors who examined him told him that this was perfectly possible, and that its spread could be due to the use, even an atm.

Of passage, thanked be the only one infected, with his family. This July 8, Calero went on a Day-to-day from his house, waving to his friends.

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