Guide of Zac Efron in Costa Rica is to fill the world ecological community

Guide of Zac Efron in Costa Rica is to fill the world ecological community

Change the design of the world, as it is defined by a more conscious with nature and ourselves is the intake of Stephen Brooks, the founder of Punta Mona Center and co-founder of Joy to the Village and Ecovilla.

Zac Efron, a famous American actor, fell in love with this vision and has visited the communities organized by the Brooks.

These are part of the documentary of Netflix, Down to Earth, with Zac Efron”, which will be broadcast today in the digital platform, in which Brooks was driving an actor all over the country.

Brooks, who is a native of Miami and is also the co-founder of the festival Imagine, he wants to realize his dream of 1.001 acres, at the same time, through a concept which he defines as ecological communities, it is merged with the agriculture and regenerative restoration of ecosystems.

These are communities that are self-sufficient, in the respect of nature and the use of resources.

In the melt, waste management, energy conservation, organic agriculture and conservation of the environment, all linked by the philosophy of permaculture.


For the moment, Brooks has three projects, one installed at Punta Mona, in the south of Puerto Viejo of Limon, and two in San Mateo de Alajuela.

In 2006, Brooks was the co-founder of Ecovilla, San Mateo), where the streets are made of recycled plastic, there is a seawater swimming pool, a yoga platform, and the waste of a digester.

We live in a community of 45 families from 22 different countries, with a school that parents themselves have created for the 40 children who study in this prolific villa.

Next to the Ecovilla, Brooks and his team purchased 70 acres in the shape of Villa Joy, and the plan is to expand the ecological community, with 25 lots already sold.


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The approach into Punta Mona, a center for eco-regeneration, is more education-oriented, botany, and reforestation of the forests, it’s a community that, in the midst of one.

The level of education Brooks aspires to the dissemination of the concept of “ecoversidad”, which offers semester courses in Punta Mona, as well as online courses to ecological design and restoration, in addition to personal development.

The common thread that holds communities together, is permaculture, a holistic way of life that challenges the way in which we can obtain our food, how we build our homes and the way in which we live.

In the community cultivated their own food and energy, is monitored in such a way that their use is as efficient as possible.

The celebration of festivals and retreats, the cultivation of medicinal herbs, and yoga teaching, there are other facets.

“We can’t tell people how to live, nor separate ourselves from technology or customs, we are not a sect. Just give them a vision of the world more conscious and respectful of the environment that surrounds us, an alternative,” said Brooks.

If you want to stay in Punta Mona, or invest in a lot in the Joy the Country, or visit both sites, see pages and


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