Demi Lovato ensures that the TV is “normalized” their eating disorder and that is why he refused to return to the small screen


The singer and actress Demi Lovato in an interview he said that he refused to return to work in television to realize that their environment has come to “normalize“their eating disorders when she was a star the children’s channel Disney Channel.

I looked around and I had a moment where I thought:Wow. This is so terribly standard‘”said Lovato in a conversation with the magazine the hustle and Bustle replicated this Wednesday by means of communication.

The actress, they had their first stage of rehabilitation, in 2010, after a fight with one of her dancershe decided not to return to work at the radio station and the child, where he “Sonny with a Chance” for fear of re-living these experiences.

“When I went to treatment in 2010, I went with the option to talk about my difficulties and the possibilities of help to people or keep your mouth shut and go back to Disney Channel“he said.

The star, who explained that for a birthday I received “watermelon with cream without fat“instead of a birthday cake, even the guilt of their representatives to these problems.

For its part, the media specialized in the audiovisual sector, as Variety and the Wrap noted that no representative of the company responded to the comments of Lovato.

His past as a little girl, Lovato confirmed in the month of April that do not keep your friendship with Selena Gomez neither the three members of the Jonas Brothreswith the stars “Camp Rock“(2008).

When you grow up beside someone, you’re always going to feel love for them. But I am no longer your friend“he answered Harper’s Bazaar.

After the closure of its stage Disney, Lovato has had to make a pause in his career with multiple benefits in which is entered a rehabilitation clinic for an overdose of the drug, in 2018, of which he is now recovered, and after that it is back to public life.

In fact, at the gala of the Grammy this year in the first place he sang the ballad “Anyone“written a few days before his hospital admission.

With information from Efe.