Confirmed the identity of the new Black Widow of the Marvel Universe


MADRID, 7 Jul. (CulturaOcio) –

Since Marvel has given the green light for a movies solo Black Widowsomething that the fans were asking for Phase 1 of its Film Universemany questions have arisen on this adventure alone the exespía Russian. With the fate of Natasha Romanoff revealed in “Avengers: End game’the director of the tape, Cate Shortland, has revealed that this tape will be in the character of Scarlett Johansson transfer the baton to a new character.

Many fans have speculated that ‘Black widow’ is the letter of submission of super heroine, who will replace Johansson for reasons of superheroes. In other words, we expect that in Florence Pugh, with the role of Yelena Belova, “takes the baton” to the Romanoffas it happens in the comics.

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And this has been confirmed by the director of the film. “(Kevin Present) realized that the public would expect a story of origins. So, naturally, he decided to go in the opposite direction“he explained Shortland in an interview for the Empire. It is what adds the director, who has attracted the hype among the fans.

We don’t know how great it would be to Florence Pugh. We knew that it was cool, but I don’t know up to that point. Scarlett was very nice, on the plan of ‘I’m giving the witness”. So that will be another story for women,” he added.


It is not known to what extent the “give a witness” means that Yelena is the replacement for Natasha, as the Black Widowboth use the same alias, which can give rise to a valid theory… or not.

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Even Shortland has stated that this film will be the farewell that the super heroine deserves. “In the ‘End game’, the fans were disappointed because Natasha has not had a funeral. When I spoke to Scarlett, she told me that she believes that Natasha would not have wanted a funeral,” details, explaining that the reason for this is that “people don’t really know who he was”.

Set after what happened in ‘Captain America: Civil War’ and before the arrival of Thanos in ” Avengers: Infinity War, ‘Black widow’ will open the much anticipated Phase 4 of the Films of the Marvel Universe. His debut is scheduled for October 30.