BILLBOARD | releases in theaters Veronica de Antequera, from the 10th to the 16th of July 2020


The Film is Veronica de Antequera opened its doors last July 3.

The meeting opened with a reduced seating capacity by 50 percent, so that will be very important to the sale of numbered items through the APP “SERCINE” , the web page and the sales terminal in the lobby of the cinema.

The customer can freely choose the places you want, and, once the purchase is made, will result in an automatic block by the software, defining one or more safety seats from all sides. The box office will remain open for if someone needs help to make the purchase.

On the occasion of the summer and the re-opening, the Cinema Veronica offers during the month of July, a cycle of cinema “the commercial”, Saturday at 20.00, with tickets for the price of 4 euro.


Saturday, 11 July, Back to the future.

Saturday, July 18, Gremlins

Saturday 25 July, The Ghostbusters

Saturday, August 1, Terminator 2, the final judgement.


Back to the future

Marty McFly is a young student of Hill Valley High. He is the friend of an eccentric scientist, Dr. Emmett Brown, who has invented a time machine with the surprising shape of a car, “DeLorean”. During a test, they are surprised by some terrorists for what Marty is hiding inside the DeLorean and ends up activating the time machine, by moving to the year 1955. In this dimension, and without knowing how to return to the ‘ 80s, he meets a young couple, Lorraine Baines and George McFly, that, in the future, will be their parents. Is his future seems to be in danger when the mother ends up falling in love with him, so you will have to do everything in its power to keep things as they are and get back to the future.


Price Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 6,70 €

Price Monday, except public holidays and eves, 4,50 euro

Price Wednesday, the day of the spectator (except holidays), 4 euro.

Presenting the paper young or old (Monday and Tuesday + Thursday, no holidays or position), 4 euro.



Personal Assistant

Friday 20.00 pm / Saturday 22: 30 / Sunday 20.00 / Wednesday 20.30 h. / Thursday, 20.30 h.

From the creators of Yesterday, and The Diary of Bridget Jones, played by Dakota Johnson (50 Shades of Grey) and Tracee Ellis Ross. Located in the bustling music scene of Los Angeles, ‘Personal Assistant’ tells the story of Grace Davis (Tracee Ellis Ross), a superstar with a great musical career, and whose talent and ego has reached the limits unsuspected. Maggie (Dakota Johnson), her assistant, a girl with more work than you can cover and that still latent in your childhood dream: to become a music producer. When the manager of Grace (Ice Cube) offers an opportunity that could alter the course of her career, Maggie and Grace begins to weave a complicated plan in which they are determined to change their lives for ever. Grace still doesn’t want his career to end, and who refuses to play the same songs, until you remove it, from its side, Maggie, take advantage of this intention of his boss to offer their expertise in music to produce his next album and make it a success as the Grace that you want. As you go through the film the relationship between the two main characters, goes from being diffuse to create a bond of sisterhood and brotherhood that will bring you closer to the career dreams that still remain. Behind the scenes, directed Nisha Ganatra, known in the environment of the television after having directed some of the chapters in the series of ‘Shameless’ or ‘Brooklyn 99’.


The possession of Maria

Every day at 17.30

David is a father of a family who works as a boat captain. Is tired of working for others, and almost did not get to the end of the month. Her biggest dream is to have a boat of their own. One day he is given a golden opportunity to make it a reality: his wife (Emily Mortimer) sends a photo of ‘Maria’, an old boat that is sold. What he doesn’t know of David is that the ship that hides a terrible secret: he is happy. David, finally, buys and restores his family. To open the memorial, the family takes the boat and sail into the open sea. Soon, you will see that the boat hits them with dreams and strange behaviour. The film is directed by Michael Goi (‘Hunters of Shadows’, ‘American Horror Story’) and starring Gary Oldman (the Laundry room. Dirty money’, ‘Hunter Killer: Hunting in the depths’), Emily Mortimer (‘The return of Mary Poppins’, ‘Head Full of Honey’), Manuel Garcia-Rulfo (‘Hitman: The day of the soldier’, ‘Perfect strangers’), Stephanie Scott (‘Beautiful boy, you will always be my son’, ‘good Girls ‘to Get High”), Chloe Perrin (‘Single Parents’, ‘GLOW’), Owen Teague (‘En: Chapter 2’, ‘the Lady’), Jennifer Esposito (‘Navy: criminal Investigation’, ‘The Boys’) and Douglas Urbanski (‘Adventures in the loft, ‘has a birthday today?’, ‘The social network’), among others.



Every day at 20.15 hours / Saturday and 22.30.

Ray Garrison (Vin Diesel), also known as bloodshot, risen from the company’s Nascent Spirit Technologies, through the use of nanotechnology. While struggling to regain his memory, the Ray comes back to be what it was before suffering an injury that left him with amnesia,… Film based on the comic “Valiant”.


Red shoes and the seven trolls

Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 17.30 / Wednesday and Thursday at 17.15.

A princess who has been transformed into a dwarf because of a spell, you decide to try to find the red shoes that supposedly will be able to reverse his curse. The task, however, will not be as easy as you imagined at the beginning.


Where are you, Bernadette

Friday and Sunday at 17.15 and 20.15 / Saturday 17.15, 20.15 and 22.30, Wednesday, and Thursday 20.15

Bernadette Fox (Cate Blanchett), a woman in Seattle that has it all: a husband she adores and a daughter bright. When it disappears, without a trace, unexpectedly, his family embarks on a thrilling adventure to solve the mystery of where it may have been Bernadette. Adaptation of the homonymous book by Maria Semple.


The curse of the beautiful

Every day at 17.30 and 20.30 / Saturday 17.30, 20.30 and 22.30.

Humberto is a man seducer and swindler equal parts, who leads a quiet life of Madrid, after having served a sentence for an old scam that cost him the relationship with his son George, with the not talking for years. Now Jorge is an honest man, who will be forced to ask her father to be the victim of a robbery in the jewelry store in which he works.


The labyrinth of the faun

Every day at 17.15 and 20.00

The year 1944 post-war spain. Ofelia (Ivana Baquero) and her mother, Carmen (Ariadna Gil), who is pregnant, moved to a small village that has been expected, the new husband of Carmen, Vidal (Sergi López), a cruel captain of the pro-franco army that the girl does not feel any affection. The mission of the game is to eliminate the last members of the republican strength that remain hidden in the mountains of the area. In the area live in Mercedes (Maribel Verdú), the housekeeper, and the doctor (Álex Angulo) who is responsible for her own delicate state of health of Carmen. One night, Ofelia discovers the ruins of a maze, and there meets a faun (Doug Jones), a strange creature that makes a surprising revelation: she is actually a princess, the last of his lineage, and his men are waiting from a long time. To be able to return to her magical kingdom, she must face three trials.


You Scooby!

Wednesday and Thursday: 17.30, 18.15, 20.00

Scooby and the gang face their mystery more complicated: a plot to free the phantom dog Cerberus against the world. During the race to stop the apocalypse perruno, the group discovers that Scooby has an epic destiny that no one suspected never.