As the stars of Palm Springs are coming off their routine of block repetitive


The film suddenly became topical with the majority of people closed.

When the “Palm Springs” is on Hulu this week, it will provide some laughter very much in need of fresh material to burn on or through their platforms of transmission during the incident.

In the new movie, the protagonist is Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti are forced to relive the same day, a wedding, to repeat, in an endless cycle. This is a problem that has become accidentally timely in the midst of the pandemic, since the orders to shelter-in-place, and the mandates of social distancing has led to a behavior that is seriously repetitive in the house.

TooFab found with Camila Mendes, Meredith Hagner and Peter Gallagher before the release of the film, in which he revealed how you are breaking the routine during the pandemic coronavirus … and the “O. C.” love that has been poured on the set.

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“I very much like to try to have conversations with the people who deliver without solution of continuity,” he joked Hagner. “I would like to shout and ask them personal questions about his life, up to the point that my husband says: “That’s funny, you have to stop doing that’”.

“Then I learned to call friends and family and try to connect in this way,” he added.

For Mendes, this time, has not been felt so “worldly”.

“I think that there were so many things that I had to face in my life that has kept me very busy,” he explained. “I feel that I have kept in mind as I interacted with many friends … I Think that there are so many of my old friends that live in other places, so now I have the time to talk with them and to recover the delay , I just felt that he needed me to not forget “.

While Gallagher is certain not to reduce the “disastrous situation in which we find ourselves,” and so many lives lost, he added, this time in the home with his wife, is not dissimilar to the idle time that usually is among the television projects and movies.

“The life of an actor is like being in quarantine,” he said. “My wife and I, we were often home alone when the rest of the world, to work, because it is a program strange for the actors, so I find it strangely comforting”.

“To do the things they do. I tried to sing a little, I try to read a little, try to keep myself in any way. Keep the house and fix things,” he added, saying that they have also made a few projects for the home improvement.

“We worked a lot in the house, because we are here for thirteen years, but have never been in the house long enough to do many things,” said Gallagher.

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The work on the film Hulu Mendes has given the opportunity to learn about Gallagher, who has been a fan of his work on “The O. C.”

“When I found out that I was going to interpret my dad, I lost it,” he told TooFab. “It is a legend, and the human race. It was everything we wanted it to be and more.”

While Summer Roberts, Rachel Bilson, was his idol, soap, Fox, said: “Sandy Cohen was definitely a second favorite for me.”

Andy Samberg and his group, The Lonely Island, were also great fans of the program and is also tricked in a short digital memorable “SNL” (below). If ben has become one of the more emblematic of the program, Gallagher has admitted that I had never seen.

“You know, it’s pretty fun … Not what I saw during the day, but someone told me about it,” he revealed. “Even I have put the two together, because Andy was a big ‘O. C.’ fans. I am a big fan of Andy, that is all I needed to know. “

“Palm Springs” premieres this Friday on Hulu.


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