The criticism of the Dark (Netflix) with the best and the worst of the third season


Dark came a couple of days ago with its third season on Netflix, put the final touches to one of the best proposals in the catalog of the platform. It was a intense journeyvery intense and very chaotic, but everything has a sense now, after 26 chapters of issue. It is time that we review what has left us with this last chapter and look with the perspective if the series is met or not met the expectations.

Spoiler warning: even though it is pretty obvious, keep in mind that this article speaks freely for the third season of Dark. Read is your responsibility.

The German phenomenon is called Dark

That series of German travel in time? The first sound is not too attractive to the general public. Dark it came as a own production Netflix in 2017 without making too much noise and went rather unnoticed during the first few weeks of issue.

However, suddenly users realized the jewel to hide this title only 4 letters: a history was tremendously fun and complex, where the general feeling that everything was perfect and expertly well-posed since its inception.

And that only thus it is possible to develop a project like this. Its creators Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese they managed to create a fantastic story where there wasn’t much space for improvisation, since the comings and goings of the characters in their different times and the relationships that are established between them.

Now is the time to do a review of what I appreciated most about this last season (taking into perspective the series Dark to the full), and less convinced me of the result. We’re going with this.

The best and worst of the end of the Dark

The best of the third season

  • Was able to keep the interest. It was complicated, but Odar and Friese have been able to maintain the interest in all the chapters, always anxious to see the sequel and find out what is happening.
  • The good casting. And not what we say, for the interpretation, but the great physical similarity between them, the actors who play the same character. The project managers have been known to always look for the common details of the appearance to be much more credible that it was the same character at different ages. Even if there are also fruit juice, sometimes with the advantage, of course. It is the case of the child of Martha and Jonas, in his old version and the adult are family: the father and the son, to be exact.


  • The soundtrack. There is little talk about the music that accompanies Dark. The choice of songs for each chapter was very good, especially at the time of showing the characteristics of transitions in slow motion, in the second part of each chapter.
  • It is not a final “happy” for the protagonists. Making honor to its name, the series ends with a bit of melancholy, as the main characters, Jonas and Martha, finally disappear, and are being sacrificed so that the world origin will never develop and a new story to write.
  • All tied up well until the end. After two seasons filled with the dates, the characters and the journey of temporary be able to influence the “future”, it is very clear that here there was no space for improvisation, and everything was very well-bonded and grown from the beginning. The third season, even more complex if you should be, again, to highlight this, without leaving loose ends. Bravo.

The worst of the third season

  • Do too much chaos? As I said, that the third chapter was the most complex, it is also fair to recognize that, perhaps, has been exceeded by too much with it. If we do not have sufficient travel in the time for several years, we have a parallel world, that of Eve, where there are also trips and similar consequences to that of Adam, which can reach the saturation a little to the weft, joined to the many fronts that presents itself.
  • A lot of laps on the same. In the light of the foregoing, this season I have the feeling sometimes that some scenes “are a ball, giving too many spins on the same idea. The characters, especially Adam, Eve and Claudia Tiedeman repeat your mantra, sometimes in excess.
  • The time Interstellar too. If you’ve ever seen Interstellar you know of what I speak: in the last episode, when Jonas and Marta go through the tunnel of the cave the moment this is opened for the first time, they end up in an undefined space, in the sense that they are completely alone. Then you will see other small children through a wardrobe, making it clear that when they were children came to feel the presence. This reminds me of when Matthew McConaughey arrives at the black hole, even in the absence of space or of time, and you get to see a piece of furniture of his daughter, who was just noticing his presence.


What has been season 3 the best of all? Of course not. I think the first one is new, and the second, the way to sit down and say to all of you, were superior. I am satisfied with the end? Yes, because, even if it is not ideal, it was closed with dignity, and not to extend the series so absurd and, above all, by compensating for the fantastic journey that started in 2017.