Meghan Treatments and Michelle Obama is looking for the women as global leaders | People


Meghan Treatments already has a date to start your new career as a teacher. It will be next week, precisely from 13 to 15 July, and to talk about gender equality and feminism in an event that will be held in conjunction with Michelle Obama and Priyanka Chopra. The interventions will be in a virtual way, because of the crisis of the coronavirus.

The organizers of the summit, the global leadership of Girl Up, a United Nations initiative, with programs in 120 countries and cooperates with more than 65,000 girls all over the world, has announced on Monday the participation of the wife of Henry of England: “The present is the woman! But I don’t trust what they say. Listen to the advice of Meghan Treatments, duchess of Sussex, for the leading companies at the global level”.

The order of the day of the congress, which has the support of the multinational Procter & Gamble, do not specify the date of the meeting with the Treatments, in which also participate other actresses such as Jameela Jamil, known for the series The good placeand Monique Coleman, one of the protagonists of the film High School Musical. Collaborate Nadia Murad, Nobel Peace prize, 2018, and Sheryl Sandberg, number two of Facebook.

However, this event will be the meeting of the duchess of Sussex with her friend Priyanka Chopra, who he met in 2016, when both worked as actresses on the small screen; the first Dresses and the second in Quantum. The last time we saw them together in public was at the wedding of Treatments with prince Henry, in may of 2018. The wife of singer Nick Jonas is not a speech but will respond to the questions that the participants sent to your organization through Instagram.

The former first lady, for her part, will send “a special message for young leaders and activists for gender equality around the world” to participate in this event that commemorates the tenth anniversary of Girl Up. It is not the first time that Obama, and Treatment match. The duchess of Sussex interviewed last year, the wife of Barack Obama for a number of the English edition of the magazine Vogue that was “a sincere conversation”, told the publication.

The relationship between Meghan and Treatments, and Michelle Obama goes forward, thanks to the solid friendship that the marriage of Obama has for years with the husband of the Treatment, Henry of England, especially due to their common concern for war veterans. From 2016 is retaran of the face of the Games Invictus in a couple of funny video’s crusaders, the, good chemistry between the three is constant and they have participated in several charity events, which now joins Meghan Treatments.

Henry of England, and Meghan Treatments can also share which was the presidential couple to be part of the customers of the company public relations Harry Walker, specialists in the representation of speakers and, with offices in New York. According to the publication, at the end of June, the magazine Town&Countrythe wedding was hired by this prestigious agency meetings. “The topics are mostly connected with the social problems that the planet faces, such as racial justice, gender equality, mental health, issues that affect women and girls, and for the environment,” explained a source on the interests of Sussex in this new professional project.

According to the american media Page Sixthe teachers belonging to this company, such as the Clinton or Oprah Winfrey, can load up to a million dollars for each conversation (more than 880.000 euros). Yes, the Sussex non-intimate topics, and less connected with the crown and its decision to become independent from the british royal family. You focus on what concerns his work with the function Archewell, which he created at the beginning of April.

Today, conferences are the new business of marriage, that in spite of how juicy the conditions should seek more income opportunities, if they want to maintain their state of life and that of her son, Archie. Prince Charles of England, the prince’s father, will pay the costs of their safety during their first year (in which they will live between California and Canada), while they must be returned to the british treasury, the cost of the reform of your home of Windsor, Frogmore House. Remain to pay about € 2.7 million. But must deal with much more, because it is estimated that the initial investment of this new phase of your life will be about 30 million euros.