J Balvin and Maluma: Show their fabulous palaces


Despite the fact that travel around the world constantly and have the chance to live in any part, J Calvin and Maluma choose your birth country, Colombia, to build their dream home to always want to come back to disconnect.

The magazine Architectural Digestspecialized in interior design, has chosen this month for J Calvin to dress up the cover and show exclusive in its sacred space located in Llanogrande, a town belonging to the municipality of Rionegro, which is located about 20 minutes from Medellin, the capital of Antioquia. This area is known for having many green areas and in which there is mainly farms. This is one of the areas favorite colombian artists of the time, as we are also living in Greeicy with Mike Bay and Sebastian Yatra with their family.

Diego Torres

Diego Torres feel for the Strength of Social Commitment, may not use his song Color Esperanza

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From when you started the quarantine, Calvin has spent isolated in his mansion, in the company of his girlfriend. The place in which it now dwells-the super star, was designed by colombian company 5 Solids. The first thing they did was to break down completely the existing house to be able to start with the customer’s requirements.

The simplicity, the simplicity and the japanese aesthetic are the main features of this space who seek the serenity and discretion. The winner of the Latin Grammy did a virtual tour of his house, teaching his favorite places and explain briefly why you asked what you asked.


Ironically, the prevailing neutral such as brown (for the wood) and the black, because, even though it is always seen that he is full of color, has willed that there is nothing here of J Calvin, but is instead only to Jose Alvaro (real name). Only in his closet, where he has over 800 pairs of shoes, because the presence of red, orange, yellow, etc.

The part of the living room and the dining room is open and has a bridge that connects to a reflecting pool in which the water is lost with the trees that are in the front. “The water calms me. I like to be there, especially at night, surrounded by the green and dark”, has declared for the american publication.

J Calvin

J Calvin becomes a goblin inside a small green world

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