Eye of the hawk (Hawkeye) from Marvel comics: what is a hero or a criminal?


Hawkeye, a character-type variable

The famous archer of the Avengers has given a nice pair of shocks between good and evil by which he is known in comics. If you’ve never read his adventures on paper, you can say that Clint Barton (that is his real name) was on the run, with the accusation of theft that he never committed, when he met the Black Widow and fell in love with it.

The spy of the Soviet Union, he took advantage of the time, to ask him to help her steal technology developed by Tony Stark, but in the middle of a fight with Iron Man, The Black Widow is wound, and Eye of the hawk the rescues to take her to the hospital. However, before that happens, the Black Widow disappears, and leaves hawkeye completely abandoned, which causes this to meditate on what he is doing with his life and decides to do good.

So we know, in fact, in the UCM, as a super hero crime fighter that does not hesitate to join the Avengers to fight against the great evils that endanger our planet. Now, however, that it could change.

Hawk Eye: Free Fall you have the key, what about the supervillain?

Some time ago we see in the comics in the collection Hawk Eye: Free Fallwritten by Matthew Rosenberg and illustrated by Otto Schmidt, Clint Barton may be the most weak the dark side of what you think, something that has not even taken into consideration and discussed within the Avengers, indicating Screenrant.

Eye of the hawk

The last turning point for her transformation, however, it might have happened in the delivery number 6 of the print edition. In that comic, the enmity of Clint with the criminal in the head, the Cap goes even worse when the Bullseye (the archenemy of Daredevil, yes, and taken up by the Cap) breaks into the apartment of the archer, and kills one of his friends. This makes Clint decides to organize a plan of revenge: he dresses like a bull’s-eye for anyone to recognize and take this bad. After that, and even with the suit, robs a bank of the Hood and used the money to negotiate with Count Nefarious (another bad) and dethrone the director of the criminal, stripping it of its powers.

The most interesting thing, however, comes at the end. In the closing scene the thugs of the Hood to kill the Avenger, who is injured. But Montana, one of them tells his allies to stop. “He is one of us now. (…) Even if we do not know yet,” he says. All a declaration of intentions about what is possibly to come in future issues, there is no doubt.

Eye of the hawk

This makes us without doubt asking if you get to see an evolution also in the large or small screen. Recall that, among other projects, Disney+ account with a TV series focused on this character, where a well could be developed better, this arc complex of the Avenger, even if, in principle, the idea of the project is of short radius. What changes is the idea platform contained when you find out your odds on the side of the bad guys?