Demi Lovato will be auctioning her clothes for autographs and to encourage voting in the USA


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Demi Lovato he chose to take his activism a step further and has announced that, starting from this Wednesday, fans who subscribe to campaigns in favour of the vote for the November presidential elections in the united States and against the racism and the the brutality of the police will be able to earn some of their things, such as the outfit that was used in the scenario and other exclusive items of your closet.

“The recent events in our country I left shattered and inspired in the same way. I’m not going to be peaceful or quiet. Join me in our commitment to racial justice, aid for the victims of the covid-19, and preparations for the vote, so we more than ever need a change,” he said Demi Lovato in a video on his account of Instagram.

To encourage their followers to support these causes, Lovato in tandem with the organization of the Propeller, and will auction several personal items and clothes from her closet. These include dresses which was used on stage, private photos and other items and accessories.

Currently, in the Propeller there are 15 costumes, shoes, and photos of Demi Lovato, that will be offered among those who signed the petitions. Those who donate and to sign any more requests will have a better chance of access to all elements of the artist.

Highlights some of the purple boots to the knee of the brand Balenciaga that the artist used in the video of the theme “I’m Sorry, I’m Not Sorry” and a black jacket with sequined Maje, which was during the Neon Lights Tour 2014.

So you can participate in for the clothes and the accessories of Demi Lovato

To participate in the auction, fans of the artist, who define themselves as “Lovatics” or “Lováticos” must go to the initiative’s page, where you should put your name in the digital campaign as a “Commit to vote” with Demi,” by Signing a petition that asks that every american can vote during the pandemic coronavirus” or “Gives the Black Lives Matter at the Bottom.”

“The only way to win is to act. Sign petitions, donate, educate yourselves, learn to educate the people around you. While most of the study initiatives, the more chance you have of winning, so start now,” said the artist, 27-year-old, who has used his platform in political activities earlier, and also one of the speakers at the Democratic National convention of 2016 and the campaign of Hillary Clinton.