▷ Andrea Legarreta you copy the look of the My Khalifa ¡Beautiful!


Andrea Legarreta keep updated his fans on his activities for the day-to-day and on this occasion he did not hesitate to share a series of images in their stories instagramwhere lucy, an iconic look very close to what Mia Khalifa.

On the 8th day of July, has shared a photo that gave the talk among their fans, who claimed that the wife of Erik Rubin identical to the former actress p0rn0 Mia Khalifaas it has been used a couple of iconic black lenses square, very similar to that used by Khalifa.

Legarreta is one of the the consent of the fans of the mexican television thanks to his charisma and talent, but without a doubt, your attitude on social networks, especially on Instagram thrilled all their followers, those who love the photographs of the driver with the look of the The Program Today and for your everyday life with your family.

Andrea Legarreta presume look at what My Khalifa

Andrea Legarreta presume look at what My Khalifa

Is Andrea Legarreta supports My Khalifa?

This exactriz has become a symbol of the struggle against the industry of adult video, since the consequences of which had its participation in the scenes porn0gráficas have been deeply affected, as well as other women who have alleged ill-treatment, and a few collateral at the time of stay in this area.

It would not be strange Legarreta to join the cause of the actress, because on other occasions it has been shown for the defense of women’s rights, participating in various campaigns and, more recently, in the month of march for international women’s day, the date in which it was carried out an important strike by women workers at the national level.

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The 48-year-old Andrea Legarreta remains an icon for mature women and young people, who admire them for their healthy lifestyle and their way of thinking on certain feminist issues and is of global importance.

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