Xbox X Series will showcase their best games on 23 July


Reach games for Xbox X-Series

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Even if Microsoft has already done a live conference to the announcement of the first games confirmed for their new console, the event is not offered any type of gameplay, something that angry seriously to users who seemed to be waiting for new details of the potential of Xbox x Series.

The event was decaf, however, the reason could be due to the dealing in securities of third-parties that had little to do with Microsoft. And this is what they are going to show up in this new relay, since that will be the play of Xbox Game Studios, which will be charged to life in this new live that, now yes, it seems that it will bring great surprises in what games are concerned. But, what are we looking for exactly?

The games that

Halo Infinity audio secret

Taking into account the studies that form the group of development of Microsoft, we should have news of Ninja Theory and their Hellblade IIand who knows if we will be able to see new images, information, or terrifying The project: MARA. Turn10 could bring us the Strength, a true classic that accompanies each release, and we’ll see if The Coalition is to dare with something related to Gears of War.

But if there is a title that is sure to be in the appointment, is that Halo Infinity. After a first teaser with the return of Master Chief, the saga of Halo will return with more power than ever to accompany a new console like the original Halo. We’ll see what new details do we stop the relay, but it is clear that the spotlight will be focused on this game more than any other.

Further details of the console?

Improvements In The Xbox Series X

The presentation of the games probably serve also to highlight some of the technical aspects of the Xbox the X-Series, and that terms like Smart Delivery service, Optimized for Xbox, X-Series, or teraflops, the insurance is more than a game will serve as a technical demo to explain some of these concepts.

Another of the items that lead to play from a long time ago, is the alleged existence of a Xbox S-Seriesa model with less teraflops, which would be able to offer a price extremely attractive face of its arrival in stores. While the console rings with the force, it seems that his presentation will not be made until the month of August, so we’ll still have to wait to know in an official way

How to see the event live?

To follow the live broadcast you need only enter the next July 23, at 18:00 (time in Spain) in the official channel for Xbox on YouTube and Twitch (remember that the Mixer is passed to a better life), where you can also enjoy a pre-show of the channel Game Summer Fest directed by Geoff Keighley, who will begin an hour earlier at 17:00.