Will Smith called the N-Word More than 10 times, in speaking of racism, protest, and anger justified


While Smith understood the anger “under the oppression”, also warns that it can also be dangerous, and that is not as effective as peaceful protests.

When it comes to the phrase “Black Lives Matter” Will Smith you have an important question: “What is the point of contention f – king?”

The success of the movie star, has raised the issue during a discussion with a political activist Angela Rye about her “In one” the podcast where they also revealed their experiences with racism in the police and in other places.

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Despite being famous for most of his life, thanks to a successful career of the rap turned into a successful tv career turned into a successful movie career, Will Smith has never been sufficiently famous to avoid being subjected to a racist system.

And it all started to grow up as a black child in Philadelphia, where he remembered to have been “called the n-word) by the policemen in Philadelphia in more than 10 occasions “and said that he was stopped frequently.

He also said that he has a unique perspective, because he went to a private catholic school, which was a lot more white, which gave him a view of both worlds. As an example, he pointed out that their white classmates liked it when it appeared the police, but I’m always afraid.

In other words, it has a visceral connection and real with the movement Black Lives Matter, which began after the death recorded in the video of George Floyd below the knee, a police officer of Minneapolis.

This murder, together with Breonna Taylor, Rayshard Brooks and many others, has generated the largest protest movement in the history of the united States, and despite the episodes of violence on both sides, many of these protests were peaceful.


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While Smith said he understands and can appreciate the anger that exists in the hearts of many protesters, saying that it is not absolutely justified, under all the oppression”, is also potentially dangerous. “You have to be careful not to be consumed by your anger,” he said.

As you can see, the declarations of protest much more powerful are the ones that are challenging and with vehemence peaceful, despite everything. “Peaceful protests, put a mirror to the demonic images of his oppressor. And still more are in your peaceful protest, the most clear will be the mirror to your oppressor, for the world to see and to see themselves,” he said. said.

He believes that peace in the heart of these protests is the reason that has prompted a global response and resonance in the whole country, which affects the first wave of change in the institutions, the length and width (something beyond the initial scope of the brutality of the police).


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Amazed by the strength and longevity of the movement, Smith said: “The whole world stood up and said to the african-american people: “we see and hear. How can we help you?’ We have never been there before. “

Then, the actor seemed to call the actions and reactions of the president Trump during these protests, saying that the “leadership without love and without God” can be so destructive. He then asked the young people of the united States, who lead with love and compassion as they come into their power (and voting).

“Not to succumb to the lack of love, no matter how much it hurts, because you envenenas you and envenenas their communities,” he said. While these activists come to the polls in the month of November, with the same enthusiasm that are taking to the road, their voice is heard in every election from the local level up to the highest seat in the country.

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