This company is going to receive$ 1,600 million to the Government of the united states clinical trial of a vaccine against the covid-19


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The U.S. urges countries to reject the brigades of cuban doctors

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Florida is shopping to avoid the increase in the cases of the covid-19


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Fernando's Corner examines the way in which it is driving the hiv pandemic in Miami-Dade county

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Jair bolsonaro has released a video on Facebook, taking hydroxychloroquine


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The leaders, who were covid-19


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OOPS: Up to 20% of the cases, the covid-19th in America.


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You can also help a robot to fight against the covid-19?

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The businesses in the Miami-Dade county must be closed again by the covid-19

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Boxing: Julio Cesar Chavez begs to return to the ring