The United states, announces free trials of the Covid-19 the towns of the southern part of the country


The United states announced on the day will test Covid-a 19, free to people with no symptoms to stop the increase of cases in three of the critical points in the southern part of the country with regard to the pandemic.

The government will offer a five-thousand tests per day the regions of Jacksonville, Florida; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; and at Edinburgh, Texas. This will be extended to between five and 12 days.

Second, as announced by the The u.s. department of Health and Human Services, the tests that are available to anyone in the five years before “all of the people who experience symptoms, those who believe that they may have been exposed to someone with the Covid-19; and any person who is concerned about the possibility of having the virus.

The United States Of America accounts for more than 130,000 deaths in the pandemicthe higher deaths in the world, by the difference in the world.

In the south, which is the ratio of the positive cases, and was killed 12, including, to the extent that they increase the test, which means that the virus is spreading out of the chaos.

Currently, the United States is looking at about 600, 000 people per day, according to the Design of the Follow-up of the covid, but it was felt to be inadequate by health experts, due to the increase in the number of positive cases that we have been posting.