The criticism is explode! Manelyk Gonzalez speaks on “Acapulco Shore”


Portugal.- For Madonna the word “punishment” is not crossed in their long journey of life. For its 61 years, it is still generating the same controversy when he began in the world of music, for the year 1979. But this Tuesday, 07 July, took many by surprise when it reappeared on Instagram with a topless happened to the story, because in a few seconds has become a trend in the world of social media.

Without any shame, the Queen of Pop has shown in the social network of hearts with a little bit of clothing: a black hat, her mane loose, a couple of accessories, a black bikini, mobile phone, and a cane made this irreverent graphics. On this occasion, appears in the living room of his home, which stands out for its modern style. “Each of us has a crutch”, was the curious message that he wrote on the bottom of the photo.

It is worth noting that the blonde has a knee injury, which has prevented them to close their concerts that detach from the tour Madame X. In addition, at the beginning of this year has received a request for a fan not to sing as he promised in his live performance. Several problems have had to deal with the interpreter american.

On the other hand, the Lady has been a couple of weeks ago, in italy, with the aim of protesting against racism, the world is conmocionara with the murder of George Floydlast may 25 because of Derek Chauvin, a security agent in Minneapolis. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to make public his support for the movement Black Lives Matter and putting his grain of sand to the person concerned.

Madonna after the Covid-19

“I was sick at the end of my tour in Paris for seven weeks, like many other artists of the show ( … ) how Grateful I am to be a part of supporting research to find a cure for the COVID-19!”, these were part of the words of the artist himself confirmed that he was tested positive to the virus. It is worth mentioning that in the month of August will be according to the age of 62 years.

Even if the start of the pandemic has been the target of criticism for how he talked about the quarantine, users were against it and said: “things out of your house are very different from what you think. Stay safe and more empathetic with those less fortunate”, “you Can die of the same diseases, but the poor suffer most. There is nothing romantic in this tragedy.”