The Critical Eye: “The political II”




The second season of “The political” is to be consumed, as fast as the phosphorus and leaves a residue that is as vague and useless as a stick charred. It is a feeling at the end of the seven chapters in, feeling strange in the case of a computer that takes very seriously what he does. (Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, Ian Brennan): the series was pulled out of the upper part at the maximum speed. Who wrote and directed the pilot. The good intentions -which we are – have been stuck in storms of ideas. “The political” is frivolous and superficial, and so full of common places that your do the calls for suspicion. Or, at the end, and not much more than that in contemporary american politics? As a picture of the desert as ideological, in which the queen Donald Trump it might work. And yes that is most unfortunate.

The first season had culminated with the appointment of Peyton Hobart (Ben Platt) for the New York Senate. What develops here in the countryside, from tip to tip, when Peyton faces Dede Standish (Judith Lightalways formidable, politics, consumed, which has the opportunity of cutting much higher: the vice-president of the united states. But in that area of the big leagues looms a rival unbeatable: the mother of Peyton (Gwyneth Paltrow), a participant in a game where everyone put while walking on the cornice.

Issues related to the work of Ryan Murphy are on the table: the diversity (multi -) sexuality, the environment, and the cynical millennial, the agenda for the sub 30 of the main urban centres. “The political” seeks to explore those lands, but for the political satire shall devour the vaudeville. At the pace of a thriller zumbón and stabbed the desincroniza certain laziness of the creative that becomes repetitive history. The infidencias bedroom, the betrayals, the dialogues telenovelescos -a classic of Murphy, when administered with precision, to become “The political” in a loop that only can come loose in the last chapter (even if there is served a third season, with an aroma more of the same). The delicate line between humor and drama, so well managed by Murphy, here is fuzzy.

Around Peyton and Dede fly over a swarm of characters (suchBette Midler, Rahne Jones, Theo Germaine. Lucy Boynton, Laura Dreyfuss) that manage the campaigns and the knitting and destejen the plot, even if -as in the first season, the aspiring star is Zoey Deutch. Its Infinity still the best.

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