Quarantine and TV: movies and series to watch today, Wednesday, the 8th on the small screen



Channel 13 (DirecTV 148, Movistar 117, VTR 017, Clear, 052)

Hours: 15:30.

Dr. Polo offers a variety of cases, including participants in litigation, which may have a conflict of any kind, that you try to solve it as a referee judge. Before participating in the program, the parties must sign an arbitration agreement that compels them legally to abide by the decisions of the Polo.


TBS (DirecTV 216, Movistar 739, the VTR 110, Clear 635)

Hours: 18:50.

Ethan (Logan Miller) and Sean (Keir Gilchrist) are two young men, classmates of the high school, decide to spend a joke to his neighbor, Harold Grainey (James Caan), to believe that his house is haunted. So, when one afternoon Grainey leaves the house, the two boys installed a computer to simulate the noise and some webcam to see his reaction. But soon you realize that they have chosen the wrong person.


AMC (DirecTV 210, Movistar 608, VTR 058, Clear 113)

Hours: 19:20.

In the mid-FOURTEENTH century, the knight Behman (Nicolas Cage), a deserter from the Crusades, must escort to a monastery to a young woman (Claire Foy) accused of witchcraft. The monks claim that she is responsible for the Black Plague slots and destroy Europe. Behman, skeptical, he begins to think during the journey that the young man may be innocent, but the objective will be to bring you to a place where we can confront the forces of darkness.


TVN (DirecTV 149, Movistar 119, VTR 019, Clear 053)

19: 30 hours.

Tv series brazilian. Moses and Ramesses are raised as brothers in Egypt, but the fate of the face for the love of Nefertari, and become the worst enemies when Moses, commanded by God, decides to free the hebrews from the yoke of the egyptian.


Fox Life (DirecTV 212, Movistar 370, VTR 029, Clear 99)

Hours: 21:00.

Honey Daniels (Jessica Alba) dreams of dancing. By day, she teaches hip hop to kids from the neighborhood. The night is a waitress and is transfigured on the track, the dance club, calling the attention of the people. One day, a video director sees his club and offers her a job as a dancer. It is also possible to begin to prove your talent and live his old dream: to create the choreography of famous artists. But, as soon as arrived, the dream begins to dissipate.


Sony (DirecTV 208, Movistar 503, VTR 032, Clear 108)

Hours: 21:35.

Trying to overcome the trauma that left the failure of his last mission, in which he could not avoid dying, the raccoon had to be saved, the inefable detective Ace Ventura (Jim Carrey) has been removed in a buddhist monastery. But, once there, a strange man who offers him a large sum of money to try to find the sacred animal of the tribe.


The Network (DirecTV 148, Movistar 121, VTR-021, of Course 055)

Hours: 22:00.

Late. Eduardo Fuentes brings this beat that combines humor, disaster, and the music of today and the themes converses with one or more guests.


FX (DirecTV 217, Movistar 607, VTR-050, Clear 127)

Hours: 22:00.

A father disapproves of the new relationship of her daughter, a brilliant student who now leaves an eccentric billionaire in the Silicon Valley. With his attitude, the father, who in a panic to discover that the boy is going to ask the marriage with his small, causing to set up a competition for the heart of your daughter. With Bryan Cranston, the actor James Franco, Zoey Deutch, Megan Mullally, Griffin Gluck, Keegan-Michael Key, Andrew Rannells, Zack Pearlman, Adam DeVine, Cedric the Entertainer, Kaley Cuoco, and Jacob Kemp.


Mega (DirecTV, 150, Movistar 120, VTR 020, Clear 054)

Hours: 23:30.

Tv series in chile. Ignacio, Julian and Fernando are three, the parents who live the strong personal conflict and whose children attend the same nursery school. All, this is Ignacio Moreno Stars: and all to overcome the difficulties that brings us to the bad weather, the soil cedií know, become friends and help all to overcome the difficulties that it brings to be a father without having a vocation, or conditions. Actors: Jorge Zabaleta, Simon Pesutic, and Francisco Melo.

Backs to the wall

A&E (DirecTV 207, Movistar 506, VTR 030, Clear, 107)

Time: 22:40.

Neil (Gerard Butler), Abby (Maria Bello) and her daughter Sophie have a life, perfect family until the girl is kidnapped by Tom Ryan (Pierce Brosnan), a man cold and calculating that disrupts their complete lives.


TV+ (DirecTV 1147, Movistar 117, VTR 017, Clear, 052)

Time: 00:00.

Late. Juan Carlos “Pollo” Valdivia door this space for conversation on topical issues, with the participation of the speakers, Bernardita Ruffinelli, and Álvaro García.


Chilevisión (DirecTV 151, Movistar 121, VTR-021, of Course 055)

Hours: 01:00.

Entertainment. Pamela Diaz, Jean-Philippe Cretton and Felipe Vidal leads this program after hours in which to hold a conversation with a special guest.