Moments copies in the elections for the 4th of July several


Democratic maturity, has been exposed to the dominican people for the last Sunday in which I won democracy and, therefore, the Dominican Republic. Since I arrived before 6:00 in the morning, at the school where I made my vote, heard the enthusiasm of the people, and always maintain the physical distance. We have completed an electoral process, without trauma, the political actors exhibited great reasonableness to congratulate the new authority almost immediately. Leonel Fernandez was the first, after president Danilo Medina to let them know that he had spoken by telephone with the President-elect. What did Gonzalo Castillo, who speaks well of them. Congratulations to Luis Abinader and Raquel Peña president and vice-president, that from the 16th of August we govern our destinies.

As he said Luis Abinader in his impromptu speech, ¡ganamos! He spoke from his heart, his words were simple and real, that it has made it clear that he did not come to serve all dominicans, regardless of color. Oh so much!!! Our congratulations also to the plenary of the Central Electoral Council, which has done valuable work, and it is avenged. I applaud you.

To love our neighbor

Of these choices, I’m left with memories, some that made me laugh and others to believe in humanity. It may seem like a history is a chronicle, is that there are two ladies of young men and women accumulated in a row and someone on the Board comes to you and says: Lord, go to the line of elders”. The lord looked at each other and said, “be gone, crazy for you, we are in the line corresponding to us.” As you can imagine the row they were in. How to laugh, was very funny. Another moment that I loved was the part of the young “trentones”, including one that is public life, Juan Carlos Pichardo jr., who in a gentle and affectionate way he asked the help of the delegates of the Central Council to come to the aid of the elderly people, some with diseases and disabilities. I was glad to see that you were not indifferent, I saw his desire to help people, that speaks volumes of his generosity. When we learn to love our neighbor, we walk in the true way. That should be the test to which we must all aspire, and pass with good grades: to Love one another.

The original celebration

What originality it had the united States embassy in Santo Domingo, to celebrate the Independence Day. This year was totally different, this celebration is one of the expected from the “mundane” in the dominican, where everyone wants to walk around the showcase. This time there was enjoyed the beautiful gardens, there were fireworks, good conversations; or the tasting of the typical dishes of north america. On the 4th of July was a Day of Independence unprecedented in times of Covid-19. For this occasion the Embassy had the creative digital invitation with the virtual projection exclusively for the movie “Hamilton”, an adaptation of the original Broadway production, presented by Disney. The news is that they sent a unique code to view the article online (in English). The quota is limited, and gave the days for each person to choose their favorite.

Hamilton is the history of the united States, and it then, said the united States now. With a mix of hip-hop, jazz and R&B, Hamilton took up the story of the founding father of the american territory, Alexander Hamilton, and has created a revolutionary moment in theater, and now in the film. A banquet with many guests, we went to the cinema with popcorn or a glass of good wine to enjoy interesting films. After that, there was a virtual discussion about the movie. I thank ambassador Robin S. Bernstein, to whom we wish health of the stream.

Lin-Manuel Miranda

I know that this story of the hand, Lin-Manuel Miranda, composer, lyricist, actor, singer, writer and producer american of puerto rican origin. He was the creator and protagonist of the Broadway musical “In the top, and Hamilton. He has composed music and lyrics, and has achieved a great success with critics and the box office to the point of being received at the White House, the former presidential couple Barack and Michelle Obama.

Finally, the more maturity you gain, you will realize that you don’t want to have drama or unnecessary conflicts. Just a place where you feel good inside, with the people that generate peace and love. I leave you my tenderness!