Justin Bieber has killed his average mustache will look better?


In some cases, the hair on the face of the men takes years to appear, while in many others it never appears, or it is partially. This last case was the result that he achieved the famous singer, Justin Bieber. At the age of 26 years, he lived a kind of “mustache” which was very acclaimed by the critics, little hairs disappeared from his face, at the beginning of the year.

It seems that his audience was not the only one to call for the removal of hair of your youthful face. Because when you publish the sorrowful farewell of a moustache, one of the first people to react was his wife Hailey Baldwin. The american model has not spread, but showed his happiness with a big “Yeeeeeeeee”. But, of course, this mustached, he had even more of a fanatic, that has powered the hopes.

But it will return!

Through his official account on Instagramthe interpreter of “Yummy”, she said: “I shaved the ‘MUSTASHIO’, is gone on vacation, but will return in due time.” In a few words, she confessed to me that he feels so much love for his moustache, and that at a certain point, you need to grow. To do a more comedic the scene, the mother of Justin Bieber he commented, “Praise be to God”.

Despite the fact that he has a few fans, it seems that most of them detested the loss of that angelic face and jovial that transmits Bieber. This face, which accompanies him since 2007, it has not really been too affected by the weather, except for his problems with acne, which is fighting a tough fight in the company of his wife. Also, it was made known that following a strict rule, devoid of sugars to achieve its improvement.

It should be noted that, although Justin Bieber is a celebrity a lot of young people, not only in appearance but also in time, this has been strongly committed to the noble cause. After having undergone a great metamorphosis from child to rebellious human beings committed, has not stopped helping his neighbor. This was demonstrated during the time of the withdrawal is mandatory, the product of the health crisis. As well as to the african-american race that has been attacked unjustly.