“International students are welcome to come”, affirms the United States | Voice of America


The administration of the president, Donald Trump has confirmed this on Tuesday that students who wish to graduate in the various programs of study “are welcome in the United States.”

The statement said, with a tone of aclaratorio of the u.s. Department of State, and comes after the announcement on Monday that the U.S. government has decided to restrict visas issued to students by the multi-coronavirus have to be a part of their courses entirely over the internet.

The changes were announced by the u.s. Department of homeland Security indicate that non-immigrant students -referred to technically as an F-1 and M-1, and who attend schools that operate entirely online, you may not have access to a full suite of online courses and to stay in the united states

Immigration changes the “temporary exemptions” to non-immigrant students in the U.S.

The u.s. Department of State will not grant visas to the students enrolled in the schools and/or programs that are fully online during the fall semester in the United States, states a press release from the ICE.

The firm has informed that the State Department would not grant visas to the students enrolled in the schools and/or programs that are fully online during the fall semester of the year 2020.

By the National Security Service, the Immigration and Customs enforcement (ICE acronym in English), spoke to the students in the Program, Students and Exchange Visitors (SEVP for its acronym in English).

“The United States has long been the destination of choice for international students, and we are pleased that many of the international students who had planned to study this fall in the United States will still be able to have the opportunity to do so,” says a statement on Tuesday.

It also says that the measure will allow for a combination of courses, in-person, and some of them on-line in order to comply with the requirements of the state of the student’s non-immigrant visa.

“With this shelter, but it gives you more flexibility for non-immigrant students to continue their education in the United States,” confirms the observation.

Even so, the information that makes it clear that all international students will still need to obtain an appropriate visa and may be subject to additional restrictions on travel and visa processing, due to the COVID-19″.


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