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Also if when you talk about Emma Watsonwithout a doubt, many will think that the young witch “Hermione Granger”; it is not the only card that it represents. This british actress, he divorced abruptly to the interpretation in the saga of “Harry Potter”, to become an idol of the moment. His ideals, his views and his love for the world, they were new and unique flags.

After that transcends the case of George Floyd, this celebrity, like many others, has broken the silence to shout the truth. His true fans will know, this star of the big screen, you do not often share their private lives on the Internet, in fact, social networks are used as a tool to spread the knowledge to those who follow him.

Emma Watson Vs Racism

It is for this reason that Emma Watson decided to continue with their chairs, through its official account of Instagram. In his last publication, he said: “last week, to make it easier for others to access the many resources that exist, I started a playlist of podcasts, writing, analysis, discussion and Spotify that has helped me to understand systemic racism, white supremacy, and the experiences of black, indigenous and people of color.”

This, with the intention of raising awareness of the more than 57 million fans on the platform of the snapshot. Despite the fact that many of the victims of cluster in the world, the case of Floyd managed not only to give to the world, but in a state of shock and more of a human being. Taking advantage, somehow, of this painful reality, it is Emma who, like many other artists are trying to make a change.

Before the end of the posting Emma Watson he invited all to be part of this new knowledge. “You can find my playlist to Our Podcast that is shared on Spotify, and I hope that the collection will make you ponder. The link to the playlist is in my bio,” concluded the british, but not before thanking all the people who have worked to make the material informative.