Covid-19: Carlos Calero infected by coronavirus in Colombia – Cinema and Tv – Culture


While his three companions Day-to-day have been cared for at home (Catalina Gómez, Carolina Cruz y Carolina Soto) Carlos Calero she returned to the set of Day to tellon the 28th of April, after more than a month has declared the emergency in the country and that the channel changes in this space in the morning.

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Now, Calero is in your house, as it was positive for covid-19, even if he has not shown any symptoms, according to this July 7, canal Caracol, through a press release, in which he added that of all the people that were close to the airbag in the channel have been checked and were also sent to his house.

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Calero, who returned last year to Canal Caracol to present I amhe has also worked for the channels RCN and One, and faces a new battle.

Recognized by, among others, for its promotion of Ricostilla, a brand that has represented for six years, the ratio of the activities of the fair, the driver was not a stranger to controversy, why, precisely, is called in this way.

But, in addition, in 2016 and after, as has been said, the examinations in question and all required documentation, he was appointed consul in San Francisco, united States of America, which led to the protests of many people, as well as the teasing of the social network.

In October of the same year, and following an application for nullity of Mario Andres Sandoval, in quality of citizen, the Administrative Court of Cundinamarca overturned his appointment, which has left us without a plan.

When you generated the scandal, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has defended his appointment, arguing that other journalists had played very well in diplomatic positions outside.

In addition, a lawyer, Wálter Arévalo, has filed a right of petition to the Chancellery asking to know the reasons that led to the colombian State to give the charge, without taking into account those who have already advanced in the diplomatic career, and had more merit.

Calero had to start looking for work. Initially it was in the regional channel Telecaribe, where he recorded the program of the competition, and after touching many doors, and talk about what had happened with his appointment, he was the presenter of space I know everything, Channel One.

Last year saw his return to Caracol, the channel that, in addition, from 1998 to 2006, on programs such as Saturday happy, a Hundred colombians say and Day-to-day.

From 2006 to 2016 was in the RCN, as a driver of National contest of Beauty, Hard against the world, The wheel of fortune and Home occupation.

The speaker also spent a hard trial, when, in 2018, your child Carlos was diagnosed, apparently of a brain tumor from which he recovered, said the communicator, born in Barranquilla in June of 1969.

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The disease your son Calero never talked about it directly, except for a message that put them on their networks and then deleted.

Calero is married with journalist Paula Ceballos, with whom she also had another daughter, Sofia.

Up to the moment, the channel Caracol has not been reported as will be Day-to-day from this 8 of July. It was learned that they were marching in a meeting in the afternoon of 7 July to make the decision.