What Katty Perry will not withstand multiple changes of pregnancy?


After meeting with a boring and compulsory confinement at home, the entrepreneur Kylie Jennerdecided to abandon all his duties to surrender to the “adventure”. This business woman, who has not stopped making money with your company.”Kylie Cosmetics“even in quarantine, he decided to take a well-deserved holiday away from the real world. This information is disseminated the same through their social networks, but you forgot a detail.

Among the photographs published in more than 184 million followers on the social network InstagramI was not able to have a complete view of your company’s soul. For this reason, many of his followers believed that he was on a romantic trip, and also, in a healing of the soul. Without many details, only managed to see a beautiful landscape of the desert, and her beautiful figure posing in front of the cameras. Even so, on the afternoon of Monday, it was revealed the mystery.

The dynamic duo

It seems that Kylie Jenner it was not only for this trip, as his sister inseparable, and also a partner in the business, she decided to join her. Despite the fact that they have not yet shared the photo plates, Kendall Jenner showed through a Instagram History the same landscape that she shared her older sister. As many know, the relationship between these two duchesses of fashion is perfect, and they have collaborated on more than one occasion in pro growth.

This is very important, as both of these celebrities have dealt with major projects of the union. Your age could be decisive, because with less than two years away, the two sisters have been aimed at celebrities thanks to their support, and their families multi-million dollar companies. On the whole, have been able to create a recognized fashion collections and even novels aimed at the youth audience.

It seems that his latest project “Kylie x Kendall”, has re-united and became inseparable sisters that they used to be. Even though their paths had taken different forms, Kylie Jenner has not ceased to show the love she feels for the sister of the model. That is the reason why it has taken the decision to enjoy a new and relaxing travel semifamiliar. What this trip can bring a new project to the public?