Thus it meets Ana Tijoux attacks on Twitter


United States.- The singer Lady Gaga we will always have more than enough reasons to be the center of attention of the tabloid press and the paparazzi. It was recently portrayed in the streets of New York with his partner Michael Polansky and ignited rumors of a possible pregnancy, because she was wearing the diva with a sporty style that are not able to see a possible “belly” of the other. However, to date it has not been confirmed if you are pregnant or not. But this Monday, 06 July, distributed in social networks a postcard very attractive.

In this image, which was spread through an account that dabbles in Instagram, which is on the left to see one of his looks more shocking: is Lady Gaga style Marilyn Monroe! A short short and black, a sleeveless t-shirt exposed her slender figure. But that has not gone unnoticed at the sight of his followers was the style that she chose to pose for the lens of the ugly and the media: a haircut in honor of the legendary actress with short hair and blonde.

In addition, he finished the outfit with dark sunglasses that gave him a touch more chic. It is worth noting that the photo you see exit a black vehicle and it is accompanied by a gentleman. Many of the fans wrote in this post on Instagram to commend the interpreter Rain on me. “There is no doubt that Lady Gaga always looks beautiful”, “What to look for so successful”, “it Is very beautiful this photo”, “How beautiful you are”, are part of the messages.

The last of Lady Gaga

In addition to this stir of the pregnancy, the blonde, 33 years old, was in the news in the international media for his strange proposal to create a mask anti-Covid-19. Like Selena Gomez, Jennifer Aniston, and Cardi B, joined the campaign, which aims to promote the use of masks to prevent the spread of the virus: up to the present it has registered more than 500 thousand dead in the world. However, the fans did not agree with this proposal and the trademark “exaggerated.”

Other fans said that the artist only seeks to create awareness on this disease, which today amounts to more than 11.4 million cases worldwide. So the singer divided opinions on social networks, by posting on Instagram an interesting photo with a different model, but attached to his style– from a mask to the coronavirus. For more information on this note and see the image, please access this link Intransigent America News.