MARVEL: Fans want Angelina Jolie to be the director of Captain Marvel 2


When The Eternal finally gets to the cinema the next month, February, Angelina Jolie it might be the last of a long list of stars Hollywood known to participate in the The films of the Marvel universebut you could also argue that it is also one of the most important acquisitions of the study.

The The films of the Marvel universe could be the franchise’s most popular and beloved in the business, but their model of recruitment is generally based on the recruitment of emerging talent and the young to bring their blockbuster superhero that will continue to grow in the role with time, and then surround with a cast of eclectic line-up of respected support players, a tactic that has worked with Captain Marvel of Brie Larson.


This approach has worked great, but there have been very few occasions in which they have managed to get one of the stars, the most famous and recognizable of the planet, that is Angelina Jolie.

Angelina Jolie could dominate the Marvel after The Eternal

If the prospect of seeing Angelina Jolie appears in the epic intergalactic Chloe Zao was not enough, some fans believe that the actress, 45-year-old could be the ideal candidate to direct Captain Marvel 2, again played by Brie Larson.

Angelina Jolie might direct Captain Marvel, if his entrance into the MCU is a success

It will be Thena, the character of Angelina Jolie in The Eternals of Marvel

In addition to a career full of success, critical and commercial, Angelina Jolie has also started to serve as a director, in the last few years, even if he has not shown any kind of intentions to tackle a project of a large budget for this type of scale.

Until now, Angelina Jolie has directed the drama of the bosnian war, “In the Land of Blood and Honey”, the biographical film, “Unbroken”, the romantic drama, “the Sea” and the thriller set in Cambodia, “First They Killed My Father”, showing an admirable willingness to tackle a variety of different genres.

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The Eternal will mark only his fourth role action live-action in a decade, and two of them are united under the banner of Disney, as part of the franchise of “Maleficent”, so that, even if it is clearly in good relations with the House of Mouse, probably seems a bit early to consider the possibility that Angelina Jolie addresses a sequel to the comic book of $200 million dollars as Captain Marvel, 2, especially when you would need to start working on it as soon as you finish the promotional tour of the Eternals.