[Horror Queers Podcast] “I know what you did last summer” is more of a scam, “Cry”


If you see 10 times a sense.

We had many talks during the Month of Pride! First, we saw a double feature of the first film in the slasher gay (Given) and last (Killer Unicorn), then we ventured into the territory of Clive Barker, with an analysis of Lord of Illusions, and then we are back to the ’80s to discuss the strange pro-gay film the Butcher, the Baker, the Nightmare Maker, before closing things out with a bit of opinions to the contrary on the Trade (sorry all). At the beginning of July, we are to sing the praises of Jim GillespieS S unfairly maligned slasher film I know what you did last summer!

In the film, four friends run over a fisherman and dumped his body in the water. Got together again a year later, when Julie (Jennifer love Hewitt) receives a letter from terrifying her, telling her that their crime was seen. While chasing after who they think is responsible for the letter, BarryRyan Phillippe) is struck by a man with a meat hook. The indentation only increases from there, as the killer with the hook continues to stalk Julie, Helen (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and Ray (Freddie Prinze Jr)

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Episode 80 – I Know what you did last summer (1997) feat. Ari Has Attracted

Happy 4th of July, Julie! We are celebrating the feast, and the Day of Canada …) in Southport, North Carolina, to talk about the movie slasher’s post-Scream, I Know what you did last summer. He joins us the husband Trace, Ari, Drew, who is in the remake, after that you Draw drunk drunk his first appearance in The X-Files: I Want to believe.

After Ari tells us how he is tricked by a group of straight guys to see IKWYDLS in 1997, all of which discuss the reputation is not earned the film as a “scam, ” Scream”, before praising her for being one of the most mature films of the genre slasher. Not only choose to focus on the characters of the dead (which probably annoyed many people in search of a slasher or traditional), but it offers so many intense moments between Julie (Jennifer Love Hewitt) and Helen (Sarah Michelle Gellar).

We also discuss the origins of the film as an adaptation (a very loose) a novel by Lois Duncan, and discuss its place in the history of the slasher as an ode to the killer of the ‘ 80s with the aesthetics of a Scream mixed (it is the best of both decades!).

In addition, de-boned with long slashers, Jennifer Love Huge Tits, Ray “Not A Character” Bronson and Ryan “Not Me Daddy” Phillippe. Oh! And don’t think that we spent two hours discussing this film without dedicating an entire segment of the epic chase scene of Gellar, right?

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Stain, I Know what you did last summer!

Next Wednesday: we are becoming rare, with a new visit for the world of May Canady (Angela Bettis) and his obsessive obsession with dolls Lucky McKee’s May!

– Joe & Trace

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