Famous respond to their enemies


Thousands of times we have seen that responds to the enemies of the social network is a bad tactic for celebrities, because they are like weeds, they reproduce without control. On the other hand, it is known that the network accounts of many celebrities who have been brought from them personally, but the agencies that you are in charge of public relations.

That said, there are criticisms and comments that, in reality calan celebrities, and so much so, that from their villas by millions of dollars, have been deigned to respond. And, on more than one occasion, the trolls have had to slowly retreat, as the meme of Homer, and to learn in silence watching the most beautiful.

And in the tutorial, do I need to wash hair every day?

1) Usable, and her body positivity


Use started to become more famous and well known when his song “the Truth hurts” has reached number 1 in the list of Billboard; later, he got the record for the most time at number 1 by a rappera. But it is not the only satisfaction that you are interested in, the singer has dedicated a lot of visibility that gave him his fame to increase the movement of body positivity, trying to destroy the damaging stereotypes of female beauty, whether it is posing naked on the cover of the platinum Because I love you or show your body in sexy poses on Instagram.

This attitude I have brought many critics, including the exentrenadora of the reality of the competition from the low weight, The biggest loser, Jillian Michaels, who commented to Buzzfeed: “why are we celebrating your body? It is not the intention to be a parent when you get diabetes”.

Use waited and last month, he posted a video of his exercise, and he added: “you Can caerles as a surprise to some of you, but I am doing a exercise to achieve MY ideal type of body, and what is my ideal type of body? What ch… you are important”. #Ouch.

2) Rihanna, and the eloquent silence of the


Some celebrities are so good to disarm their enemies as Rihanna, not for nothing called Bad Girl RiRi (RiRi, the bad girl), she often responds to criticism with memes or phrases mortal that leave chills. And this is precisely what happened to T-Boz and Chilli, of the group’s female pop TLC.

In 2013, in an interview with the controversial radio program, Sunrise Australia, the members of the TLC, said: “it is not necessary to desnudarte all the time to be successful. We were the all-female group that has sold the album, but with clothes. It’s easy to sell sex”. And even if not mentioned to the diva of pop with your name, it was hypothesized that it was Rihanna.

And what did RiRi on it? According to Rolling Stone magazine, he said absolutely nothing, just changed the photo of the cover on Twitter by one of the girls of TLC in the height of his career in the 90s… with very little clothing #buuuuuurn.

3) Cher is proDreamers


The Twitter accounts of Cher is a little chaotic, but, without a doubt, very fun. Writing correctly is not one of his strengths, but that is something that she and her followers care about a cucumber. One of the best things of your mind are the answers to your critical.

In 2017, Donald Trump, the president of the united States, has ordered to put an end to the DACA program, which supports children of immigrants finish their successful college careers, even if they are undocumented immigrants (the so-called dreamers, or dreamers). The respect of such a decision, in the way in which recently overturned by the Supreme Court of the EU, Cher wrote on Twitter:

“It takes a dreamer to your home and protect it! and he added that he would. A tuitera replied, “the One that I will believe when I see it”, and then, Cher replied: “Well, keep your eyes open, pe…to”. #Sídolió.

4) Kylie and phrases deadly


A life lived in front of cameras and on social networks, has transformed Kylie expert in giving answers to virtually give the conversation with a slap with a white glove of criticism for their partners.

In 2016, she has given a response to a hard and perfectly free criticism, which deserves a prize. When a tweeter or tuitera wrote: “Looks like a prostitute of 14 years”, Kylie said, “I don’t know, I feel like I look like a prostitute of 19 years”. #Wow.

Later, in April of this year, an instagramer, has commented on a photo of Kylie in 2017, that “looked better then”, the billionaire youngest in the world, according to Forbes, he answered simply: “I Had a baby.”

Shortly after, someone suggested to me that, in the networks that secure their dye”, to which he replied: “yes, pe…it’s been a long day”. #Mepongodepie.

5) Ariana should not explanations


Ariana Grande has evolved a lot since those days that sucked the donuts that others would buy. Today stands out for his activism and for her feminism is a militant.

But, even before getting a reputation for his statements, minidiva has given a great response to a tweeter who accused her of causing the problems of addiction to drugs of Mac Miller, who soon after died from an overdose.. The admirer of Miller has written: “One of the saddest things that are happening in Hollywood is that Mac has shown his heart in a album of 10 songs, and she left him for another guy”, the reason why you had crashed his car.

In response, Ariana wrote: “it is absurd that minimices self-respect and value a woman says that someone should stay in a relationship that is toxic simply because they have written 10 songs. I’m not the nanny, not the mother of anyone, and no woman should feel that she needs to be. What I wanted and who I wanted to support his sobriety and I have prayed that you find the balance for years. The humiliation/blame a woman, because a man can’t handle his life, that in and of itself is a serious problem.” #Biendicho.


Some of my friends encourage me to wash your hair every day, while others tell me the opposite, what is then the best?



Hi, Lili:

There is a very simple rule: If your hair is dry, if you are mistreated or coloring the hair, you should wash every day. Your natural oils will help your recovery. If your hair is normal, the best thing is that it is one day yes and one no. If you have fat, it is easier to get dirty during the course of the day, in this case, it is necessary to wash every day, or when, a day yes and a day no.

Kisses of Guru, XOXO

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