Did you know? Selena Gomez wrote songs of Justin Bieber


The United States-. The love that existed between the singer Selena Gomez and his pair, Justin Bieber, has been one of the most acclaimed by Hoollywood. Despite the fact that, after the rose, the romance brought him only thorns, in his time, has been the topic of conversation for all entertainment media. Not only for the media, but also for the american, who was commissioned to immortalize the memory, in more than one of their songs.

Despite the fact that this has not been confirmed by the singer of “Boyfriend”, it is believed that some of their most popular songs (according to the time of sale of the Billboard Hot 100 and iTunes), and refer to his famous ex-boyfriend. Among the many successes, there are three songs in a place that seems to have a name and a surname, which, despite the years, still remains one of the most famous.

1.- Love that You love Me

As for the single, “Lose You to Love Me”, was a central theme to his artistic career. He was the star of the album, Gomez 2020 Rare . From the beginning, has been ranked number 15 on the Billboard Hot 100, remaining on the list for 23 weeks. After this, he reached the top with the number 1, becoming the first single to be number one artist. Despite the fact that the dates do not coincide with the chaotic times of their relationship, Selea Gomez he said: “I wrote it over a year ago”. The fact that it aligns the space-time of her relationship with Bieber.


2.- The Heart wants what it wants

This interpretation is the only one Gomez from their compilation album For 2014 , the latest version, via Disney’s Hollywood Records. Even if the fan is presumed that many of the songs on Gomez from his days at Disney were about Bieber, she has no credit for the writing. However, it is “The heart wants what it wants”, he speaks of wanting to be with someone, even knowing that it might be bad for you.


3.- We Don t Talk Anymore

This was the third single from the album of 2016 of the singer Charlie Puth, “the Nine-Track Mind”. In it, Gomez he has contributed with his voice, both Putn told the media: “I’ve met Selena, and she had an audience, time and time again, and could only relate with the song and the sentiment of the lyric. And he added: “I played the song for her, and she began to sing the second verse. I have the chills”, in a few words was the target, but who inpiración?