Carlos Vives has confessed that he liked the video with Alejandro Sanz


MEXICO. Despite all the rumors that have sprung up around it, Pepillo Origel is concentrated on their personal projects. Some days going to the station to work, other days he devotes his time to the program, which was recorded in the house and the other dedicated to the lottery of his paintings.

This week, Pepillo raffling off a work of art that was donated to this activity by Thelma Ruz. In addition, he commented that the box that also raffled off the last week still has not been claimed by the winner, therefore, not receive any message soon, I rewards for someone who is interested to take home with you.

He explained that both the finalists, the winner of the box are chosen completely at random, and that there is no need to cheat. In the screen that lists all the comments that have been sent, the slopes from top to bottom, quickly and without see. Account of a couple of seconds and stops. Up to that moment, again on the phone to see who was the winner is the user who announces in vivo.

Pepillo Origel enjoys the climate of this period and, most importantly, the beautiful view from the window of his apartment. She confessed to me that all of this stage has been very difficult to not be able to carry out his activities as usual, but asks that they all have to care and remain in their homes, if not you need to go.

The lottery will be held Thursday, July 9, and still missing to announce the five finalists, so that you can still participate. In some way, Pepillo running these raffles often, so that anyone interested has the chance to be a winner.