Black Eyed Peas debuts with his album “the Translation” with the collaboration of Shakira, Maluma, J Balvin and more


After two years since the launch of the “Masters of the Sun” the Black Eyed Peas launched this the 19 June, his long-awaited eighth studio album bears the title “Translation”. The premiere was accompanied by a video clip “Feel the Beat”, a song made in collaboration with Maluma.

However, it is not the first promotion of the disc, which the hip-hop group debuted on the market to the delight of their fans. Last week, “Not Tomorrow” a song that has characterized the participation of the Alpha, was also circulated by the social networks, to create the expectation among the listeners.

Translation” it is a reflection of the musical times, as integrates genres such as hip-hop, dance, reggaeton, and trap thanks to the collaboration of the voices of the Latin and more popular all over the world. In between them there is Shakirathat puts his talent “Girl Like Me”.

But there are also Tyga and Nicky Jamwith which the Black Eyed Peas put in place “Crazy Life” as Becky Goffering the cunning and power “Hard Hard”. On the other hand, French Montana active holiday with a rhythm fierce style in the theme “Mabuti”.

Finally, the album closes with “The News Today” simple, in which, through memorable melodies, accompanied by an acoustic guitar and a rhythm electronic, gives a voice to an observation of the world, and life in full by 2020.



Black Eyed Peas has started to deliver tracks “Translationwith its simple “Rhythm (Bad Boys For Life)” at the end of 2019. In just 6 months, the song raised dozens of certifications multi-platinum and reached significant numbers in reproductions and flows up-to-date.

The group also debuted this year, “Mamacita” another theme made in collaboration with Ozuna and J King Soul, with which he managed more than 6 million euro flows and 100 million hits in the video clip. The success that has come to locate the single in the lists of prestigious Billboard and that is a reflection of his enormous career.

As you recall, the grouping that emerged in the decade of 1990, in Los Angeles (united States), with the three rappers that have been gaining popularity in the scene of hip-hop. But it was not until 2003, with “Elephunk” that has reached fame all over the world after the addition of the fourth member, Fergie.

Since then, more than one shot Black Eyed Peas he won the loyalty of millions of followers. Songs such as “Shut up”, “Let’s Get It Started”, “My Humps” among other things, has made it possible for the band to win more than one prize Grammy in the early years of 2000.

Today, with 8 albums to his credit, the Black Eyed Peas to pave the way to stay on top of the urban music.