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The eldest daughter of Melinda and Bill Gates spoke about how was his childhood, forming a part of one of the richest families in the world.

I was born in a situation of enormous privilege and I think how to take advantage of these opportunities and learn from them to find the things that I like. I hope to make the world a little bit better,” says the young man in an interview with the magazine ‘Edge’.

The young man, 24 years old, was born a year after his father, the founder of Microsoft, was named “the richest man in the world”. Currently, with a fortune of 108.6 billion dollars is exceeded only by the CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos, according to Forbes.

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Although already in possession of a bachelor’s degree in Human Biology, is currently in the second year of Medicine at the School of medicine Icahn Mount Sinai. The pediatrician of the child was his inspiration.

In 2017 The New York Post’ has reported that his parents have bought a building of $ 5 million, just a few blocks from their school of medicine.

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Jennifer said that her parents have always spoken “as if it were an adult” and that did not avoid difficult conversations. “I grew up listening to topics on child mortality at the table during dinner, polio, HIV/aids epidemic“he said.

In addition, he spoke of a time when I was playing doctor with his mother, and she said that one of his wrists were the AIDS, but that they were there to help. “At that time, my mother thought that maybe they were talking too much in general health on the table,” he joked.

Jennifer, the eldest daughter of the marriage between the tycoon and entrepreneur, he has two brothers, Rory 21 and She 17. The three will receive “a small part” of the fortune of their parents, as confirmed by the billionaire in an interview in 2011 with the ‘Daily Mail’. This is to teach them how to give value to the money and work for themselves.

“It will give them an education that is incredible, and everything will be paid. And certainly nothing related to health problems, we will (…) But in terms of income, they must choose a job you love, and go to work” he said, the time Gates.

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Jennifer started riding from the age of 6 and has competed against some of the great figures such as Eve jobs, the daughter of Steve Jobs. He has also received the support of his father around this passion.

The tycoon has purchased a property in Wellington, Florida, a place where they are used for riding riders off. The “Miami Herald”, reported that he spent 37 million euros to acquire a complete set of property near the estate of Laurene Powell Jobs.

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At the beginning of this year, Jennifer Gates has been committed to the pilot, egyptian Nayel Nassar, which will be part of the Egypt team at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, and that makes the next part, the “Paris Panthers, the team jump show-founded by Gates. In 2019, competed and ninth place in the Champions League in General.

“I am very lucky to have him as a companion. Is incredibly full, humble, and loyal, and someone with whom I hope to build a life, to grow and to support each other through our common passions and individual“she said about her future husband, who she met at the University of Stanford in California, while she was studying Biology, and the Administration and the Economy.

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