Between Harry Styles and Daisy Lowe: there is a story of love or friendship?


United States.- The next 3rd of November this year, the presidential elections will be held in the United States. Since a few months ago, a mass of important artists who have given the task to create a vicious campaign against the measures and the policies of Donald Trump. Without a doubt triggered this controversy was the murder of George Floydin Minneapolis at the hands of officer Derek Chauvin. One of the singers who remain silent was Beyoncé.

The candidate for the Congressional District number 18 of Florida, KW Miller he was the one who lit a fuse among the celebrities of 38 years. It turns out that the conservative politician lashed out against her on Twitter, claiming that it remains a conspiracy theory. In general lines, has accused the author of “Crazy in love” to “misrepresent his descendants afro-american”.

“Beyoncé, or if you want to is african-american. Has invented to get the exposure. His real name is Ann Marie Lastrassi. Is Italian (…) this is All part of the hidden agenda of Soros for the movement Black Lives Matter (…) Beyonce, you are invited”. This was the hard message that he wrote Miller in the social network of the blue bird, and which has found an echo in the international press.

The accusations are serious for Beyoncé

But the dispute between the politician and Beyoncé and it doesn’t end here. Other statements KW Miller also accused of the profession “hidden messages” in a song by the title of the Training, which follows the album Lemonade. “And a secret code for the globalists (…) The subject plainly admitted that she is a demon and who has paid for the worship in the churches satanic of Alabama and Louisiana. Save the symbols satanic in the bag.”

On the other hand, users of social networks supported in the social networks and did not hesitate to question the approaches of the politician, who called it “absurd” and “exaggerated”. With all this buzz, Miller returned to Twitter to defend until the end of their theories. Because, in their opinion, the singer wants to obstruct the electoral process next November. It is worth mentioning that the QueenB launched a project called Black Parade to help the african-american community that has been affected by a system of united States.