Ariana Grande has an obsession, and has shown on Instagram


United States.- Ariana Grande do not leave the news in the digital media, every step is an achievement. A couple of weeks ago he made the headlines when Mhoni Vidente said that at the end of this year would be announcing the pregnancy. After taking the top for all his 27th birthday and he surprised everyone when formalized its commitment with Dalton Gomezreal estate consultant.

But this Sunday, the performer resurfaced on Instagram with a post that has attracted the attention of thousands of fans all over the world. In the first place, shone splendid with a strapless bodice of white color. A makeup in shades of pink-opaque, and its characteristic braid, which this time was presented with some waves on the tips. But, what was used this time? Ari has always stood out for wearing the trend with a lot of brightness; so that it was placed a little Glitter is your eyelids.

“I have tapped on my eyelids when I had the chance. I miss it and I want to”. With these words, which he wrote at the foot of the photo on Instagram, Great has been declared to be a fan of this type of accessories that takes a lot this season to create a makeup more dramatic. While there are some versions of the scintillating best, on this occasion, the american artist has opted for a pair that are a little more broad and round, but that fits perfectly with your style.

Ariana Grande diva

After celebrating his birthday number 27 in the united States and in the company of their loved ones, he reappeared in front of the cameras of the paparazzi with an amazing outfit that left her breathless more than one. The last weekend was captured on the streets of Los Angeles wear your best dress, sports, and, perhaps, one of the best that I have seen: used a pair of leggings with a top of thin stripes in black that revealed his abdomen tonic.

Immediately, the reactions on social networks did not wait, as their fans were hooked on how it looked. In addition, they have also commented on how she felt happy to know of a new relationship Ariana Grande with Dalton Gomez, with whom he was very affectionate for his birthday and another couple of snapshots on Instagram. There is no doubt that is one of the most promising for the diva.