What is the socialite most famous of the Kardashian-Jenner?


When the dynasty The Kardashian-Jenner it could be complex to put women in a point of comparison. Despite the fact that they are all daughters of mother Kris Jenner, and has a reputation as boundless as his wealth; all they decided to take different courses. But, thanks to the videos intimate of Kim Kardashian, I think that the television program “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, which has made them famous, everyone has a great peculiarity.

In reference to the first lady, Kourtney Kardashianthat is now 41 years old, owes his fame to the television program of the family, as well as some others that came with the time. This is 96 million fans on his official Instagram. Following a chronological order, the famous yet 39 years of age, is Kim Kardashianan entrepreneur and also an actress for tv. Of course, one of the most well-known, which has 178 million followers.

A dynasty of queens

Kim, is also known for its many beauty brands, and underwear of a woman, in addition to having a contract marriage with the rapper the highest paid to 2019, Kanye West. In the third place, by order of age, is Khloe Kardashian, 36 years of age. This woman has been recognized for its change in physical appearance so imposing, and they have helped more people to stop over weight, this, through his tv program, defined as “the Body of Revenge”. Now, Khloe has 115 million followers on the social network snapshots.

For his part, Kendall Jenner24 years of age, has conquered the world thanks to her pretty face and her unique and neat. Despite the fact that it is one of the youngest of the sisters, has an impeccable reputation. Speaking of the Internet, is a queen, as currently amounting to 133 million followers and more of a millionaire contract. To complete the count, you should speak to the child of Kris Jenner, and with whom he has closed the factory of the famous.

Kylie Jenner22-years-old, is the smallest of the dynasty, Kardashian-Jenner, and not only that, it is well-known for the reality show of the family; but this woman, also, has decided to devote himself to the business. Like her sister Kim, Kylie has opted for a signature of beauty items named “Kylie ” Cosmetic”, one of the most famous brands of today. Even if the last of the list, and the lowest age, this socialite has 184 million followers, by removing the crown of Kim Kardashian to a difference of a millionaire. Did you expect this result?