The trial against the owner of the luxurious Hotel Villa Padierna will be on the 8th of July


The trial of businessman Ricardo de Miguel Arranz, the owner of the Hotel Villa Padierna, he already has a date. The next Wednesday, July 8, Arranz will sit on the bench of the accused, was able to find from vanitatis, for the alleged crime of coercion and embezzlement, according to the request of the office of the Prosecutor of the Hearing of Malaga. The office of the Prosecutor, in addition, calls for two years of prison for this Catalan company of which lie almost all in Malaga.

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This is not the first time that Arranz, who is also the president of the Andalusian Federation of Developers and Residential Tourism (FAUTR), is reported for a suspected criminal offence, and offences against sexual freedom by the subcontracted companies in their establishment of hotels, according to the particular charge. The employer is the count of Villapadiernahaving married the heir of the title of nobility, from whom she was widowed two years ago. Alicia de Padierna Villapadierna he died in 2018, a cancer victim. Together they had four children: Alejandro, Felipe, Ricardo and Nicolas.

The president of the Junta de Andalucía, Susana Díaz, together with the entrepreneur Ricardo Arranz. (EFE)
The president of the Junta de Andalucía, Susana Díaz, together with the entrepreneur Ricardo Arranz. (EFE)

The next Wednesday, the 8th day of July will be held for the hearing in the Provincial court of Malaga for some acts which date back to the month of April 2014, when Ricardo Arranz prevented the entrance to the hotel Villa Padierna in Marbella and the Villa Padierna Thermas, in Carratraca the staff of BDB well-developed, in exclusivity regime, the medical services of the Spa (beauty, wellness and health) in the framework of a contract for the sale of the use of the commercial spaces.

Change the locks

According to the applicants, Arranz has taken with force, four years before the expiry of the contract, as spaces for the change of the locks of the doors of access and holding with the strength of the goods, computer, products, machinery and equipment that were inside them. For this reason, the particular expenses also requires his conviction for embezzlement.

Ricardo Arranz, the count of Villapadierna (from vanitatis)
Ricardo Arranz, the count of Villapadierna (from vanitatis)

It was the The court of Instruction number 5 of Marbella the who has issued an order of April 28, 2015 by ordering the opening of the structure for the access of the BDB Club. They did, according to the applicants, with the the aid of Civil protection, to be able to retrieve their property. Previously, the diligence of the scientific police of the calculation of the Civil protection accredited, according to the same sources, which has resulted in violation of the computer and other computer equipment. That same coroner’s Court has determined that the continuation of the the processing of the preliminary investigation by way of summary procedure, if the facts investigated were constitutive of a criminal offence of coercion and misappropriation.

Appeal dismissed

The now defendant brought an appeal for the Hearing of the Malaga, but in a car 662/17, of date July 12, 2017, the judge ruled that he appreciated that sufficient evidence of alleged crimes of coercion and misappropriation. Thus, the Hearing dismissing the appeal, certifies that fact in its integrity and with full costs.

Apparently, and according to the particular charge, it is not the first case in the court in front of Arranz. The employer has a first conviction on facts very similar, in particular the The court of First instance number 3 of Marbella with the judgment 135/15. With the same ‘modus operandi’, they point out, has proceeded to change the locks on the restaurant of the Golf, Villa Padierna, preventing the employees of the company that operated the facility that may go to the local restore. The court has considered fully the complaint filed by the tenant and declared the right of victims to recover possession of the said restaurant.

An image of the Hotel Villapadierna. (Official site)
An image of the Hotel Villapadierna. (Official site)

In 2018, from vanitatis spoke with Angel Domenechthe part of the applicant, that advanced that his company was in the process of expansion into an alliance with The English Court in the centers of Puerto Banus and Mijas when the accident occurred. I had also reached a preliminary agreement with the T-4 of Barajas airport. These three investments were approximately 1.6 million euro.

The contracts with the suppliers had not signed the company connected to Arranz, but the business of Wellness. The losses, according to Domenech, is elevated from a portion of the 600,000 euro (indirect) and profit-sharing between 1.4 million euro and 2 million euro euro.

Split with the management

Today, as we are told by the Hotel Villap Padierna, “Arranz they are not part of the management team of the establishment”. In the spring of 2019, the NH Hotel and Less came to an alliance for the management of this hotel, among others. Considered one of the best in Spain, the hotel became particularly famous when Michelle Obama chose to stay in Spain, when her husband, Barack Obama was still the president of the UNITED states. Arranz is currently engaged in a project of construction of a Hotel Four Seasons in Marbella.

Michelle Obama with daughters, to Marbella. (EFE)
Michelle Obama with daughters, to Marbella. (EFE)

From vanitatis we have tried to contact the employer, without success. In 2018, when the public prosecution, Arranz noted that there have been complaints from customers the management of the centre of beauty, especially, presumably to force “the payment “cash”. “I don’t know what he billed. It took everything in B,” he said from vanitatis still the owner of the Hotel Villapadierna. “What providers had him?“, asked Arranz. Domenech said that when he was able to continue with the management of the establishment, none of the vendors continued. He also denied the compulsory nature of the payments in cash. “Of course, accept the paper”, he has supported.

According to the reports on their own web page, “Ricardo de Miguel Arranz has been always very busy with the civil society in which he lives and works. He has held numerous positions in several agencies and non-profit associations and industry and is currently president of the National Association of home Builders and president of the Andalusian Federation of Developers and Residential Tourism”. He also stresses that, “among other prizes he received Best Project National Tourism Residencethe Gold Master. Real Forum, the senior management and the award for the Best Business Career of Andalusia”.