The problems of control Kris Jenner, the most obvious than you thought


Kris Jenner has created an empire. She manages the careers of all his children, and is not a field day.

His daughters are rich, famous, and lively. Kris has a hand in all of this. Your children should be very much, but the fans know that there is more to it than that.

In exchange for their prestigious management skills, the children of Kris, and their daughters, in particular, have to endure a unpleasant behavior of his mother. In a thread recently on Reddit, fans have returned to share some of the most obvious research of the control of Kris.

According to reports, Kris Jenner is a narcissist

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Before we dive into examples of narcissistic behavior that fans have noticed over the years, it is important to know that Kris is, according to HuffPost, has been criticised for its diagnosis, at least according to one psychologist who has examined her during her divorce from her first husband, Robert Kardashian, Sr.

Robert Sr. was concerned for his children during the separation from Kris, the one who betrayed more times before they finally disengaged their marriage is in trouble. After his death, his widow published documents claiming that Kris abused her children, and has included a psychiatric report of six pages. The assessment explosive has said that Kris is a “manipulative”, “demanding” and “narcissistic”.

Kris has denied many of the allegations in the documents of Robert Sr., but his children have admitted that disrupts their way of acting, while they were growing.

Kris certainly it is not always the best mother, and regrets that. But these wounds are difficult to cure. Especially considering that Kris is still manipulation of their children, and fans have noticed.

The fans think that Kris Jenner wants to control

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It is natural for a manager to be a bit of a control freak. But Kris takes things to a different level. Fans pointed out an incident with the daughter of Kris, Kendall. In an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians, Kris doesn’t want Kendall out of the house when I was 18 years old.

While some fans said that the resistance of Kris that Kendall was a response to a maternal normal for a child who has left the nest, the others are in disagreement. At that time, Kim, Kanye and North were living at the home of Kris, it was not so, as if it were facing the syndrome of the empty nest.

Other fans wondered why he left Kylie filled the lips at the age of 16 years, but Kendall was not able to move at 18. In fact, Kylie started going to the rapper Tyga when she was only 17 years old. The two met when Tyga, who live near the complex of Jenner, were presented to the birthday party of Kendall in 2011. Kylie was 14 years old at that time, and fans have wondered in the past how Kris would have allowed his teenage daughters out with a girl of 22 years.

The fans think that Kris was just angry because Kendall moved because of their problems of control, especially considering how much he let slip to their minor children.

Kris Jenner has not responded well to the divorce Caitlyn Jenner

There is another possible reason why Kris doesn’t want Kendall to move. Some fans pointed out that Kendall was going to live close to Caitlyn, which was separated recently from Kris. The fans think that Kris did not want Kendall, “has chosen” of his father.

Kris is not managed well the separation of Caitlyn, and the fanatics think that their reaction to their second divorce was a good example of what not to do during a separation.

Kris has asked that their children to take a stand and choose. Basically he threw a tantrum, while the shooting of the film to Keep up with the Kardashians. It was so bad that the fans were surprised that she even stopped for E! problem video.