Harry Styles would still infatuated with an ex-spouse, who is this?


United Kingdom.- The singer Harry Styles the state trend in this end of the week in the tabloid press for matters of the heart. It turns out that a news story made the rounds that could continue to be in love with an ex-spouse, and this has given rise to the alarms of their fans in just a few seconds. As it was leaked that he could still be leaving a couple of messages in social networks, even if they have decided to put an end to her romantic relationship of the year 2013.

Is Daisy Lowean English model of 31 years, who has been the face of advertising campaigns, commercials, and sessions for publishers. According to the sources close to the artists, the interpreter of Golden has written several posts on Instagram and Twitter, just to know if the girl was alone, if I felt something for him, or if he had already turned the page. In addition, the informant said that Harry Styles always felt attracted by the top model. But, as the attraction is mutual?

Apparently not. The source explained that the diva would not be at the same level as him. “Unfortunately, she is five years older than him, and even if, more that deal with older women, has always seen more as a brother than as a lover”. Then the voices grew progressively more force that the british did not pass his love for her, generating thousands of reactions in the public opinion.

Harry Styles is matched?

However, another bad news seems to overshadow the future of love Styles, 24 years old. According to the appropriate print Daisy would have confirmed a couple of months ago, his love story with Christian Langdoma music producer is recognized in the industry. But on the personal account of the diva in the red of the heart there is no photo to serve as proof, unless the information that is being spread by the press.

In both cases, public opinion is full of comments and speculation on this novel. Because Daisy Lowe brings the singer almost 7 years. But he made it clear that when it comes to true love age is not a limit, to be together as a couple. Now we will have to wait if any of the celebrities speak of this situation that keeps the fans are exceptional.