Do Camilo changed Evaluna? This was published by the singer


When we speak of the famous singer and songwriter, Marc Anthony, without a doubt, this is a musical genius. This man, who began his artistic career in 1985, it still continues to surprise its fans with a novelty after the other. Despite the fact that he is a creator of the hymns, beyond songs, it is true that not all interpretations are received the same way in front of the audience, but there is one who, in spite of the time, continuing to steal the hearts of those who listen to it.

With 17 studio albums, the sonero of the sauce has delighted its fans for many years and even hundreds of their collaborations. To unravel the mystery of the song played, it should be remembered that the simple: “Live my life”. This is an indelible mark in the career of Marc and the song that can not miss in every concert. Even if you are past 7 years from the publication of this musical project in the platform Youtubestill the love of many.

7 years, that adds up to millions

In fact, a few weeks ago, Marc Anthoy celebrated with their fans in the anniversary number 7 of this song and invited everyone to live life. In it the singer has become a the original version of “c’est La Vie”, who interprets his author Khaled Hadj Ibrahim, better known as Ched Khaled (Khaled) and it has transformed his new song. Published for the album, 3.0, in the year 2013, was the track number of the record material, so that this artist was not expected, was that because you could not remove anyone.

It should be noted that this song was a function of rhythms, between the arabs and the africans, the pop version, Marc. So, in the rebirth of your artistic career and his path to the hall of fame. Also, this adaptation is included in the number 10 position. That is to say, the same songs in different versions, were the beginning and the end of his album. Interpretation until the sun of today is still to be heard in every corner of the world.

Currently, the song has more of 915,641,763 reproductions, also, many fans have commented, “Whoever listens to this gem in this quarantine? In conclusion, a national anthem, live the life, “la, la, la…” this is what many people need today. The product of the confinement required has changed the mood of human beings, then this might be a good plan to get rid of bad energies and all the negative thoughts.