¡Adorable! Anahi shows off his more tender as a mother


Despite the fact that the music industry there are large idols, surely there are very few ladies that can compare with the fame of Jennifer Lopez. This multifaceted woman who has dedicated her life to acting, music, production, design and business, is currently one of the women has worldwide recognition.

This woman who has started her artistic career since 1986, it has great audio-visual works that have gained the affection of his fans. With 8 engravings and 2 compilation albums, has shown the world that beyond simple songs, it managed to create important hymns.

1.- On the floor ft Pitbull

This has seen the public light for the 2011, has 1,567,456,402 of reproductions on the official website of Youtube. It was a collaboration with the american rapper Armando Christian Pérez, better known in the artistic world as the “Pitbull”. This song was part of his album of “Remixes” and so far remains the number one spot.


2.- This is not your mom

Five years later, I think that this is a successful audiovisual, in which he participated with the speech of Alex Mori, the writer and editor of ” the seed of the French. From the date of publication, has failed to achieve at least 742,116,119 vista, and has occupied the second dular from over 3 years ago. In this Jennifer Lopez full of courage and decided to tackle this simple, completely alone.

3.- Dance again

To finish the count, there is another interpretation that has taken in the company of the american singer, Pitbull. It seems that both make a very good combination. In this video, currently has 502,124,890 view, and was published in the April 5, 2012. This is achieved to appreciate the diva of the Bronx very elegant, while hundreds of people are being touched sensually.