The poignant meaning of the tattoo Jennifer Aniston on the wrist


Jennifer Aniston does not seem to be a fan of tattoos, unless they are hiding an important meaning. The hollywood star has only two discrete designs impregnated for always on your skin and even if they are rare occasions in which he exhibited, both bring a profound and poignant reason.

The first time that the lord ‘Rachel Green’ of Friends he was tattooed was in 2011 and it was the word “Norman” on the inside of his right foot with an italic font, in homage to the his beloved and inseparable dog, Normana corgi-welsh terriers, died in that year, in the month of may of 15 years.

However, the meaning of the brand that has the artist, a strange “11 11” on his left wristhad remained hidden to the public that is curious and “theories” about what is this ink Jenn has shown for the first time at the end of 2018.

Ups, is not the tweet. Maybe they deleted him?

Fortunately, a person close to the artist, finished the mystery of sharing, the love and the spiritual connotation that has for you, this combination of numbers.

The race the meaning of the second tattoo of Jennifer Aniston

If Jennifer Aniston he showed his tattoo to “11 11” at the beginning of this year, when she walked on the red carpet of the Golden Globe Award and the award for the SAG, has been in the past few days that the curious ink has again called the attention of his fans.

Ups, is not the tweet. Maybe they deleted him?

At the end of June, during a speech to the series Actors Actors of Variety with its companion of cast in Friends Lisa Kudrowthe famous interpreter taught to the camera tattoo has it on his wrist and has surprised the public because I usually hide from the public eye.

Now, a source close to the star The Morning Show he spoke with the journal People the combination that Aniston is wearing on his wrist, and revealed that it is because she it is a “very spiritual” and faithful believer, that the numbers give a good luck.

In addition, he found that the “11” maintains a sense very personal for her, because his birthday is February 11th, and was, in 2011, who died on the Normanthat “strange”, according to the anonymous.

“The number 11 is also special for his birthday and Norman,” said the insider.

Even if the enigma, seems to have finally ended, but the celebrities of the age of 51, to open your heart and personally share what is behind this little work of art on your body.

Ups, is not the tweet. Maybe they deleted him?

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