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In this edition of tv Bits:

  • THE the phantom of the opera The series is the adaptation in the process
  • the Kenny Rogers western series The player may be restarted
  • Director Jay Roach he got a roster of killer for his new series Elite coastal
  • HBO Max soon, it will transmit a new series of writer, winner of an Oscar the light of the moon
  • Ghostbusters star Dan Aykroyd to tell about a new show called Hotel Paranormal
  • And more!

Dan Aykroyd Hotel Paranormal

The Travel Channel has given the green light for a new series called Hotel Paranormalthat “follows the harrowing real-life stories of those who have found face-to-face with the other worlds Hotel guests “, and presents” stories of abatement paranormal meetings that were numbered of stays in large hotels, motels highways and inns around the world “. Dan Aykroyd, who believes in ghosts and is a bit obsessed with all the supernatural, will be the narrator of each of the ten one-hour episodes. The series first 11 July, 2020 in the Travel Channel.


HBO Max unveiled the trailer of Close enougha new animated series Show regular creator JG Quintel that is described as “an animated comedy surreal about a married couple, their five year old daughter and her two roommates, divorced, who live together in Los Angeles. The navigation of this moment of transition in their 30s, when life is growing, but not aging. It is an act of juggling with work, children and to pursue your dreams, while, at the same time, the clown-stripper and the mannequins assassins. It may be that your life is not ideal, but for now, it’s close enough ”. This hits HBO Max 9 July, 2020.


The new streamer seems to do the animation for adults is a priority, why also ordered a new series called Tom of 10 years of Steve Dildarian (The life and times of Tim), who will write and be executive producer of the series. A veteran of tv animation Nick Rizzoli (The Boondocks, Rick & Morty) is set by the executive producer, and it actually sounds pretty good, so personally I hope that the animation style is not so bad as in Close enoughbecause you could end up giving a chance to this. Here is the synopsis of the program:

Tom is struggling with the be damaged by the adults around them every day, just leave your house. The bad influences seem to lurk in every corner … parents are pro se litigants, bus drivers and that the drug trafficking and the teachers of band you want to lie with his mother. If you install a lemonade stand, sued for gross negligence. If you play baseball, you are encouraged to “play with roids”. And if you go to the school nurse, will be presented to the world of insurance fraud. Adults in the life of Tom have good intentions, but somehow can’t give the example.


For all children, including HBO, Max will be home to a new season Esme and Roy. I don’t have children, but this comes from the creators of Sesame streetand at least it looks better that a big part of the children, programming abysmal that I felt that are flooding the market these days.

David becomes a man

HBO Max has also blocked the rights of broadcast of the first season David becomes a mana drama of one hour the light of the moon writer Tarell Alvin McCraney that has won a Peabody award. The season 2 of OWNING at some point, but those of us who have lost the first season, soon we will be able to catch up with one of the larger streaming market:

The series focuses on David, a prodigy of 14 years of projects is haunted by the death of his dearest friend, and that his mother relies on him to find a way out of poverty. It is necessary to choose between the streets of major or higher education able to provide an output. Located in south Florida, the series is inspired by events in the life of McCraney and explores the childhood trauma and the power of imagination in order to survive.

The program begins airing on HBO Max July 16,, 2020.

Debra Messing

Ali Wentworth (Jerry Maguirehas created a new comedy half-hour for STARZ called the east wingand she will star opposite Will and grace and looking for Actress Debra Messing. Via ComingSon soon:

“The east wing is based on the experiences of the mother of Ali Wentworth, who has served as the Secretary and Social at the White House during the presidency of Ronald Reagan in 1980. It tells the story of Hollis Carlisle (Messing), a remarkable hostess who juggles with her husband and threatened his rebellious children, the Chief of staff to Nancy Reagan, and a disorder of social anxiety crippling. Wings re-appear as the best friend of Hollis, Kelly Forbes, who is a housewife and threatened by the success of ” Hollis “.

The player

You know the old song by Kenny Rogers “The Gambler”? Did you know that Rogers has starred in five tv movies that were loosely based on the song? I had no idea. But screams!!!!! The factory has acquired the rights to many of the films of Rogers, and they also have the rights-of-redo for The player franchise, so get ready for a new western with a guy who knows when to hold, know when to fold, know when to walk away and when to run.

Jay Roach on the set

Return on HBO, Austin Powers director Jay Roach is ready to direct a comic called satire Elite coastalthat was written by Paul Rudnick (The values of the Addams family) and occurred entirely during the coronavirus in quarantine. With a stellar cast who portray characters from New York to Los Angeles to face the policy and the pandemic, the special tells stories of discoveries and advances in the summer of 2020 that are funny, searing, and touching the present”. Bette Midler, Kaitlyn Dever, Dan Levy, Sarah Paulsonand Issa Rae I am ready to star.

the phantom of the opera

The production company behind Netflix Narcos and F is for family you are developing an adaptation of the tv miniseries in six parts The phantom of the opera. The exhibition will be based on the novel by Gaston Leroux, and not the mega-popular musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber, although both are still a composer who is disfigured, who lives in the bowels of a parisian theatre and falls in love with a naive young man of talent. British writer Anthony Horowitz it has been reported that addresses the adaptation.

Alex Rider

Speaking of Horowitz, he is also the writer behind Alex Rider series of novels of espionage for adolescents, and the television adaptation of Sony is always a second season. The program does not yet have a home in EE. UU., But Amazon took in the Uk.

trailer for gangs of london

Good news for fans of the action heartbreaking: The raid director Gareth Evans‘New Series Gangs of London has been removed from Cinemax in the united States. “Wait a second”, you’re probably thinking. “Oh, that doesn’t sound like good news at all!” You are right. These are the bad news. But the good news is that the AMC has been inserted as the new distributor of EE. UU. In addition, the program receives a second season. See? Good news, after all.

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