Taylor Swift talks about competition between women in pop


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The music star believes that female artists have been treated traditionally as “the most popular gladiator”, which have to compete in an extreme form between them in order to survive in the business.

The singer Taylor Swift did an x-ray very unflattering scene from contemporary pop and, more specifically, of the culture that has prevailed traditionally in her womb.


So much so that in his last interview to the newspaper the Sun, the interpreter has established a curious analogy between the music business and the world of The hunger gamesto say that female artists have been treated on many occasions as the “most popular of the gladiator”.


During his interesting conversation with the publication, the author has to underline the excess of competitiveness that exists all too often among the singers more young people, something that is conditioned by the functioning of the sector, and was intensified by the rivalry of stark, which has also involved some of their fans.


The fact of the public scrutiny and value judgments of the media to form an inevitable part of this curious ‘game’, as pointed out by the u.s., does nothing but accentuate the feeling that to survive in the profession, is the state of “struggle for life”, and, in consequence, the enemy: a dynamic that is very destructive and unjust in the opinion of Taylor.

”I feel that pop music is a bit like The hunger games and we are a sort of gladiators who must fight between them. Everything can become very intense, both for the sobreanálisis just as it is for others,” declared the american artist in a moment of interview with the newspaper.