Shakira, J Calvin, Cold, Play together to raise funds in the fight against Covid-19: VIDEO


The world summit for donor co-hosted this Saturday by the The European Commission raised $ 6,150 million euros for the development of new diagnostic methods, treatments, and a universal vaccine against the coronavirusreported to the manager of community.

The event, sponsored by the organization Global Citizenpart of the campaign The Overall Objective: “united for our Future and is the continuation of the conference to raise funds organised by the EC, on the 4th of may, which had raised already 9.844 billion euros.

After the marathon of today, the total amount committed by 40 Governments, philanthropists and the private sectoramounts to € 15 thousand to € 900 million.

He also won the commitment to produce 250 million doses of vaccine against the COVID-19if available, reserved for countries of low and middle income.

The campaign will culminate at 20: 00 (18.00 GMT) – with a virtual concert that will participate Shakira, Cold Play, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Usher and J Calvinamong the other artists.

The president of the The european commission, and Ursula von der Leyenpromoter of the initiative, has announced a new community contribution of 4 thousand 900 million euros through the European Investment bankwhat is add up to 485 million euro, contributed by the different member countries of The European Union.

The community contribution from 4 may, is 11.885 billion (75% of the total crop).

In a speech before the videoconference, von der Leyen he insisted on the fact that the pandemic will be only at the end, when all have access to diagnostic tests, treatments and vaccines, no matter where they live, which requires invest in for the production of vaccines at a speed and scale unprecedented.

Think you can beat this virus the vaccination only for its citizens, leaving aside the rest, is simply an errorhe said von der Leyen.

For his part, the president of the The Spanish government, Pedro Sanchez, highlighted in an intervention telematics the pandemic has been hit with a lot more strength to the most vulnerable groups and calls for mobilization to prevent the health crisis because of a human rights crisis.

Has announced that Spain will contribute to the 10 million additional for the Global Programme for Agriculture and Food Security (GAFSPthe World Bank, in addition to the 125 million euros invested on the 4th of may.

At the summit he spoke of electronically the representatives of dozens of Governments, international institutionsorganizations , philanthropic organizations and non-profit organizations, and businesses, as well as scientists and artists.

Among others, attended by the leaders of italy, France, Emmanuel Macron, Germany, Angela Merkel, in Italy, Joseph Conte; United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, Belgium), Sophie Wilmès; Greece, Kyriakos Mitsotakis; or in New Zealand, Jacinda Arendt, among others.

The conference put the focus on the need to invest now to accelerate the development of a vaccine and to ensure that, when available, is in the poorest countries and the most vulnerable groups at a price at affordable prices.

Highlighted the devastating effect that the coronavirus in countries that are unstable and with high levels of poverty, as well as its disproportionate impact on children, women and people of color.

The secretary-general of the Of The United Nations, Antonio Guterreshe said that it is necessary to the global unit to ensure that treatments and vaccines insurance and at affordable prices for everyone. This will be a test of our values and humanitysaid

The Norwegian prime minister, Erna Solbergthe only governor to participate in a panel, he insisted on the fact that we have to create a bidding system that allows poor countries to access the vaccine and it is vital to do so in record time to avoid that the pandemic it is getting worse.

A bidding war is a great strategy for the fight against the COVID-19. The world must protect the people most at risk, such as healthagreed Melinda Gates, co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The funds raised will go to the Coalition for Innovation in Preparation for the Outbreaks of theCEPI), which hopes to develop a vaccine within a period of between 12 and 18 months, the Global Alliance for Vaccines (GAVI)at the Bottom of a Solidary Answer before the COVID-19 the THATor the Foundation of Innovative New diagnostics (FINDamong the other beneficiaries.

Source: EFE