Selena Gomez was “the victim of emotional abuse” in her relationship with Justin Bieber


The United States-. When we speak of the relationship that saw the singer Selena Gomez with Justin Bieberthere are many, and among those who are in the arena of information. To finish with these assumptions, the singer of “Boyfriend” decided to break the silence and tell the world what happened in these years of courtship. Despite the fact that, at the time, no one was expecting it, the followers of both the celebrities were amazed with the declarations of the exchicha Disney.

In a first moment, the american said that he experienced ” emotional abuse” during their relationship with the canadian. “It is dangerous to remain in a victim mentality. And I’m not disrespectful, I feel that I have been the victim of some abuse“ say it without fear. Furthermore, it was already the time would be past, that had been tasked to heal the pain and grow with these experiences.

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However, Selena Gomez it was rude to say that he has suffered emotional bullying by your ex-spouse, so that he said: “I think that is something that I had to say, it is a way to understand as an adult. And he had to understand the choices that she was making“. He, also, has made it clear that this chapter should be closed, not only for herself, but for the whole world, as required “I don’t want to spend the rest of my life to talk about this“.

Even so, she felt safe, able to express their emotions, because she feels “really proud to say that I feel stronger.” Like many other stars in the genre POP, like Taylor Swift, Selena has channeled his discontent, through the recording studios. for this reason, their latest album, baptized as “Rare”, with this final chapter is so important to the celebrity.

Nowadays, with a Deluxe version of the album, it managed to help hundreds of people through the various donations. Despite the fact that he has been attacked for its simple “Boyfriend“ he said that this song has a name or a surname, it was just a composition that speaks about growing up in love and try it again and again. In a few words, Selena Gomez he said that his heart was already ready to be loved.