Miley Cyrus says on Instagram: “the devil, on the 4th of July until there is no freedom”


While many stars are finding ways to celebrate the 4th of July this weekend, Miley Cyrus it uses the platform to protest against the national holiday, and to defend human rights. The singer reminded him of their 111 million followers on the social network are not all in United States they have “freedom and justice”.

Miley Cyrus using one of his most famous songs of protest for civil rights

“Party in the USA” of Miley Cyrus launched in the month of September 2009

“This is the state in 2017,” he wrote Miley Cyrus in Instagram, where he published his introduction to his old theme, “Party in the U. S. A.” this Saturday (4 July).

“IT FEELS MORE RELEVANT NOW. It is not a party to the united States until we see #LibertyandJusticeFALLALL you heard me, TO ALL of you! # Fuck!”, he wrote Miley Cyrus.

The controversial message of Miley Cyrus

In the clip, which was shot three years ago at the iHeartRadio Music Festival, Miley Cyrus said:

“It is not a party to the united States if we do not have the equality, the unity, the justice, the compassion, the kindness, the opportunity, medical care, education, non-violence, Then, yes, that will be a party in the united States. What we will see. If we’re all together, we will make sure that this is the case. because I’m not going to pay. We can’t stop, okay?”

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“Party in the USA” is usually a favorite of the Independence Day, as the people in the queue to listen to the music of their celebrations. In 2019, the music video for the song has seen a peak of transmission of 240% on YouTube.